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** The Unofficial MNMAZDA Atypical Beer Thread **


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Shiner Bock is fucking great.
Damn right.

Leinenklugel Snowdrift Vanilla Porter. Delicious. No complaints.
I tried this too and really enjoyed it. Schell's Snowstorm was terrible.

Give this one a shot - Boulevard Brewery - Bully Porter. A nice amount of malts, chocolate, roasted, coffee, and a bit of caramel with a good amount of hops. It finishes slightly bitter and roasty but I really enjoyed it.



That's totally what I wanted to do with that double chocolate stout you mentioned awhile back. In fact, I might just buy another bottle and do that.


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Blue Moon Winter Abbey Ale. NOM. Not too light, not too heavy, and got a nice spice to it. Very interesting beer. I like.

Point 2012 Black Ale. DATS RACIST!!!!! This WAS black. Very heavy. A meal. Had a molasses-y aftertaste. I like.

Red Hook Winter Hook. :notbad: Nothing special, but :notbad:. A little hoppy for me.

Redd's Apple Ale. I was taste testing this against Angry Orchard. No clear winner. Both good for different reasons. Angry Orchard is definitely CIDER MOTHERFUCKER AND NOTHING ELSE. Redd's was.... a very light Ale that tasted of apples. It was ACTUALLY beer. Weird. Still good.



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Tried the Blue Moon Vintage Blonde Ale at AJ's SB party today and it was excellent! Looked quite a bit like a glass of champagne with the bubbles rising up the sides of the glass and the flavor was interesting in a good way. You might guess at the wine (rather than water) base after the first sip, but the beer flavor over the top really brings it home as a great beer. I definitely recommend it, if you can get your hands on it.


is the word, beotch
hmmmm....that Raspberry Russian Imperial Stout looks interesting. You'll have to let me know if it just has some fruity undertones or if it's too sweet.


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New Holland Dragon's Milk Bourbon Barrel Stout.

This was epic win, but it was a big bottle, and i was definitely "feeling it" by the end. Strong and delicious, just like i like my women. It was like Christmas Abbot in a bottle.



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Never seen it but I've heard of it. Anyone know if it's a beer you can get in MN?


Just dropped in at Dangerous Man Brewing last night for a Chocolate Milk Stout and a Baltic Porter...Mmmmmmmm, so good!