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** The Unofficial MNMAZDA Atypical Beer Thread **


110 HP of FURY!
Here is some of our recent pick ups:

This is an order we got online, the 5 on the left are all Dog Fish brews.

This is a random night pickup, included a bottle of pentegram

this is last night haul. drank a bottle of the Impulse last night, it's yummy as hell! Those 5 bottle with the blue tops are of the Vintage Ale selections from the Blue Moon series. You can see the Dragons Milk I picked up, and the last one is a Trible Blonde Ale I'm looking to try this weekend.

sample carnage from a shipment. poor bottle didn't make it. :(
Thread Revival!!!!

Here are a couple pics of my latest hauls

I was able to locate another bottle of Darkness to make it an even 10

Up to three bottles of SevIIn now. Also, have some out of state stuff coming in on trade soon, Deschutes - The Abyss and Russian River - Pliney the Elder
ugh been buying too much beer lately. plus Trading as well

First trade

West coast IPA tour plus a bottle of Abyss, Really excited for the Pliny, heard nothing but remarkable things.

Local purchases of late.

3x Abyss
9x Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout
4x Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Coffee Stout


110 HP of FURY!
995709_576697435715908_1230512990_n.jpgI can't wait for spring to have another poker game / mini beef fest. lol


Reminds me of the "douchebag college kid"'s song from Family Guy.... "And every beer I've ever had is on a shelf above my bed" :D


110 HP of FURY!
lol! I did place another order last night:
Hair of the Dog "Doggie Claws" Barley Wine Style Ale
Ninkasi Brewing "Total Domination" IPA
Dogfish Head Sixty-One IPA
Dogfish Head Brewing 75 Minute IPA