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** The Unofficial MNMAZDA Atypical Beer Thread **

I know that there are a few beer connoisseur's here. I figured that it would be a nice place to mention any good/different brews you've had lately, liquor stores around town and bar/restaurants that sell/serve some of those hard to find microbrews.


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Bud Platinum FTMFW!! Seriously, don't knock it until you try it. Great flavor and a nice kick.


One of my favorites that I've tried recently is Magic Hat Heart of Darkness. It's got tons of delicious stout flavor, but is also very smooth. Great if you like stouts but find the bitterness off-putting.
Surley abrasive - self explanitory

Also had an Avery Brewing Old Jubilation Ale. Seasonal old world ale, pretty good definitely different than most winter beers which are loaded with spices and such.


Love abrasive! It is my favorite beer after having it for the first time a few weeks ago.

I just picked up some Surly Hell, Surly Coffee Bender, Tallgrass 8-bit, Goose Island Christmas Ale, and Another local MN (I forgot) Black Ale for Christmas.
Liftbridge - Hopdish IPA. Really smooth, really good,

Magic Hat #9 - intersting with a peach/tangerine note to it.

Picked up for the holidays: Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin, Cisco Breweries double IPA, and some Norwhal 2012 imperial stout.

Also, brother in law is bringing some darkness!


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Horny Goat's Baby Got Bock, or almost any other Horny Goat brew. I'm not a fan of their milk stout


Funny you should say that.... my cousin got me a Horny Goat sampler for xmas! I think it contains a belgian wheat, the bock you mentioned above, an IPA, and a blonde ale.


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gave a bottle of darkness to a friend for a house warming party last night and we cracked it open for some sampling. While I could never drink a bottle of it, it was very tasty!