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    well haven't been on here in a while

    Yeah, haven't seen or heard from anybody in the MNMazda forums in a super long time. First time logging into MNMazda I think this year. Nobody really comes around all that often anymore...
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    MN Mazda Forums Dead?

    Million, your post ain't showing for some reason. EDIT: There we go. As soon as I posted this, it forced the forum to show me the 4th page lol. Carry on.
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    Project » SkyActiv

    We know that SkyActiv is the anti-mod powertrain for folks who are so tight on gas money, it's difficult to floss their butt cheeks. From the high compression ratio, to the high-pressure fuel injectors and 87 Octane tune, it's damn near impossible without redoing the whole engine from top to...
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    Hayden's big ass project

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    MN Mazda Forums Dead?

    Yeah. At least there would be some people showing up. Let it grow from there.
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    MN Mazda Forums Dead?

    I'm typically free Fridays and Sundays. Those are my days off at my new job back at Luther.
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    MN Mazda Forums Dead?

    Well shit lets start something soon!
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    Oh, hi Matt. Didn't realize you were on this forum too. But anyways, yeah it's kinda quiet here. But welcome!
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    MN Mazda Forums Dead?

    Oh, boy. Haven't been on here in a long while. Still have my Mazda here! Just got back a week ago from Rally North America's Ohio Valley 700 road rally. It was an absolute blast, the Blackberry handled those mountainous West Virginia roads like a peach. I'm down to make a community effort to...
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    Cottage Grove Bike Park needs your vote, even if you don't ride a bike!

    Is this right behind the Cottage View Drive-in? If so I used to ride that dirt park all the time when I was an early teen. So many memories.
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    Looking for some (free) cardboard boxes for moving!

    The post office has free Priority Shipping boxes, just go in and grab and go
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    MAPerformance's Proving Grounds 2014 @ Brainerd International Raceway!

    I will try to be there, maybe film some coverage for ICN whilst there.
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    Report: Lexus Three-Row Crossover Due in 2015

    It's called the Lexus Texas. That's right. A Lexus TX. Why? I don't have a damned clue. Thinking though it may be a hat-tip to Toyota USA moving most of their US operations to Texas from California.
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    MN Mazda Spotted thread

    Eagan used to be my hood, woman lol. I lived in Cinnamon Ridge Apts and LeMay Lake Apartments for a long time while in college