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Discussion in 'The Intros' started by DK_man, May 15, 2013.

  1. mndsm

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    Exactly. Cheap as spray paint, easier to remove.
  2. Picklz

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    Protip - use index cards between the rim/tire for quick/easy masking if you're painting them while the tires are mounted.
  3. matt8478

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    Yep and there still holding up good, a few spots were it peeled a little but cant complain at all.
  4. DK_man

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    yeah i just recently heard about "dipping wheels" and i thought wtf does that mean so i looked it up on youtube. i saw that a lot of people did that, and cover up the calipers/rotors.
  5. mndsm

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    Or...take em off the car lol.
  6. Picklz

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    100% take them off the car - otherwise you're going to have overspray on the car (unless you mask the whole thing) I built a little paint booth out of plastic sheet, PVC, and some furnace filters so I could paint in the garage. I don't think the cards would stay in very well either if you tried to do it w/ the wheel on the car still. 4-5 coats each w/ a half hour or so between coats (depending on weather conditions).

    Takes 3-4 cans for 4 wheels. You want to put it on heavy enough so that peeling it off won't be a pita but not so heavy that it runs, takes a little bit of practice for sure. Seems that around 6-8" of distance between the can and wheel surface is about right from my experience.
  7. mndsm

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    One other thing I can say from experience in rattle stuff- warm the cans up. Seriously. Get you a bucket of hot water, soak the cans in it for a good 10min or so. Make sure they're warm to the touch. It'll help the paint atomize and spray evenly- or in this case the dip.
  8. Big Nate

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  9. escort1991

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    Dipping wheels can change the look quick and then change it back even quicker. There's a place in bayport,mn that dips. Had the gf's wheels and badges done a month or so ago.

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    There's a AE grill on CL (he pulled the add to get pictures). I met with him today, its in great shape (prolly better than mine was). He's asking 120 obo, its painted steel gray, and i grabbed some pics.
  13. DK_man

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    i thought you were talking about fog lights. im pretty satisfied with the grill i have now.
  14. DK_man

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