Hayden's big ass project

Discussion in 'Project Cars' started by ohsixspeedsix, Aug 5, 2011.

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    Well there's yer problem right there. lol

    Any additional info on the misfire? Idle, WOT, cruising?
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    It hasn't done anything other than idle yet. Trying to make it run right on idle before I drop it back on the ground lol. I tried running the Autotune program on the ECU, but it didn't seem to want to lean it out.

    And the spark plugs got a bit wet and I think they got messed up and aren't sparking hot/consistantly enough to run right. Because I tested the compression and I tested the spark and all four a lighting, but maybe not at 100%. So once I throw the new plugs at it tomorrow we will see if at least the idle smooths out and then we can lean it out.
  3. Can't wait to see it in paint!
  4. Long shot, but did this ever get finished?
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