Winter tires... what is everyone running???

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  1. StellarAutoworks

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    General Altimax Arctics hands down. Not only are they one of the most inexpensive snow tires on the market, they are one of the best performing snow tires that I have used. We run them on our personal vehicles, and they are also the #1 snow tire we recommend to our customers. You can spend a lot more money on other snow tires, but i love my Generals and would get them again.
  2. million

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    New winter wheels on the Mz3. Blizzak WS70s on 5-spoke alloys. Thanks Shawn! I think I like the look of them better than my stock wheels. :)

    (probably should have washed the car first, oh well)

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  3. 007CobaltLS

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    Pic fail.
  4. niterydr

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    Ice is ice, short of a dedicated studded tire or chains the difference is marginal. Driving in snow is more common that driving on ice in most cases that my wife would encounter. Any dedicated snow tire will crush an all season.
  5. 007CobaltLS

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    I'm sorry, but what was the point in your response to me?
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  6. ohsixspeedsix

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    The point was that there is no such think as a good "ice" tire. Unless its a studded rally tire you jackass Lol. It doesn't matter if you are running rs3s or blizzacks. If you it actual ice there is going to be very little differential in the performance they have on ice. That's why they are called snow tires and not ice tires.
  7. 007CobaltLS

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    That's funny...I've noticed better stopping and traction for acceleration on different winter tires than others. So that 2 inches of stopping distance or that extra little grip so that I can accelerate a little to keep someone from slamming into me doesn't matter?

    That's funny because it's helped me out in the past.

    Significant difference, no, you're right. But there is a difference...just like any other two summer tires, compare two all seasons...there are differences that can make a difference...

    Sure, maybe I'm a jackass, but these tires aren't as good as my Hankook's were. The Hankook's were cheaper at the time as well....I paid $400 for this set of tires. When I bought the Hankook's, I got a set of steel wheels and the tires for $291, mounted, balanced, and shipped to my door.

    Drive around remember the rain yesterday? The higher temps? Guess what...that creates ice. Guess what...I was driving around today and had to deal with that.

    Oh, and my final comment...I am SHOCKED to know a winter tire is better than an all season. Is a summer tire better in the summer than all season as well? ...
  8. niterydr

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    News update:
    Wife's car on glare ice with the General Articmax tires...we lived and drove on the ice.

    cool story bro.
  9. 1Kris06

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    I like my conti DWS (all seasons) better than my previous Kuhmo SPT (summers) in almost every regard.
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  11. million

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  12. WhiteSpy9

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    I've had them for a few years now and they are great. On both a speed3 and regular 3.

  13. Foreverzero89

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    i, unfortunately, could only buy two winter tires at a time due to money constraints so i'm running two different tires as a result. in the rear i have hankook ipikes and the front im' running the blizzak ws60. i like the blizzak much better, wish i could have gotten them for the rear too.
  14. YSOSLO

    YSOSLO is the word, beotch

    I haven't run snow tires since getting my 3 (LOVED the Blizzaks on my Subaru though!!), however I've had a set of Continental Pure Contacts on my car for a year or so and they ROCK in the snow! I absolutely love these tires year round. They're an excellent tire that I'll definitely buy again with no hesitation, although it'll be awhile, because they have a 6 year/70,000 mile warranty.
  15. million

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    This year, my Blizzak WS70s have been great. Picked them up last year, used, mounted to some 5 spoke alloys, 1000k miles on them. I've been happy with their performance.
  16. Wildfyre116

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    Same. Bought some WS70s new for some 16" steelies on my MS3 and they're rock-solid. Haven't gotten even close to being stuck in any weather this winter.

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