What Did You Do To Your Mazda Today?

Discussion in 'On Point' started by TheCocaColaMan, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. 1Kris06

    1Kris06 MAD LIGHTS YO

    Had to unexpectedly install my AEM intake last week seeing as my OEM intake tube decided it was time to off itself.
  2. Wildfyre116

    Wildfyre116 New Member

    Decided to install my winter tires today. The forecast of snow tomorrow scared me into putting them on a bit earlier than I planned, but I'm happy with the results even with no snow. The Blizzaks are WAY quieter than my Goodyear all-seasons and it's noticeably easier to turn (a 205/60/R16 vs a 215/45/R18)
  3. 69sofine

    69sofine New Member

    I'm not sure if it matters in terms of salt but i put the stock tmic and bpv on. I guess i need to lube up my Forge cause it flutters when the engine is cold but i was too lazy lol.

    Then I put these wheels on today. They are from a 01 MPV. I had to put on 3 or 5 mm spacer to clear the front caliper though (I forgot to ask the tire shop how thick they were). Anywho 215/60/16 Firestone Winterforce tires. It's beefy but whatever, it's better than my shitty all seasons.

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    YSOSLO is the word, beotch

    My brother and I finally installed my Tri-Point rear sway and end links today (it's been sitting in my garage for a couple of years). HUGE difference in the ride and handling!

  5. million

    million Member

    Winter wheels went on the car this morning... just in time for the first significant snow. :)

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