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Post your (DIY) work benches!


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I have a really basic set-up, but maybe it could be a 'base' for you to build something into. I use it as simply a bench for the most part. Got it at Home Depot for like $70 and it fits my needs well for storage/light work (not much of a power tool guy here).

On the other side I just have a storage rack. My garage is only 20x20 so I don't have a ton of room to work with, but so far it's gotten the job done fine.



is the word, beotch
The only thing "DIY" about this was the hours of assembly, but I just picked up this heavy duty sumbitch today at Costco. It's built like a tank and I love the fact that it's on locking casters, so it's easy to move when I want. Time for me to buy the long power strip I posted above and get stuff on the metal pegboard.