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The classifieds section mentions reading the classified rules but I can't find them. I don't want to post a WTS add and make the powers that be angry...

Please send me a link so I can read the for sale posting rules. Thank you.
Do you still have those 4x100 wheels for sale? I forgot all about them...spring will be here shortly and I'm in need of some summer wheels (sold both my old sets so I only have my winter wheels/tires now).
Nope, haven't fixed the yet. Hopefully soon, though! Say, how much do I need to pay for all season mats and a fog lamp kit?
Quick Question: Can you switch the moderator from Jesse over to me on the morries section please??

You ready for this Sunday?!?!
Hey Tom!

quick question.

Can I get some more stickers?? :)

some for the co-worker, and some for the wifey ;)

See you next sunday!