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Would this be Ricey


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So I'm sort of looking for a second set of rims either for winter or if I find a set I really like use them for summer and make my current wheels for winter. So I ended up finding a set I like (actually the exact set I want but in chrome) in 17's but they got 3/4 tread left (or so he claims) of summer tires and they are staggered (17x7 and 17x8) so I am woundering if I get them and run the wider ones on the back of that would be ricey or will 235-40-17s rub up front without modification or not? And also would it be ricey running wide tires up front? Also does anybody know anything about Yokohama S-drive tires?


I'm running 235/40R18 on RX8 rims 18x8, on my MS3 with no rubbing. So, I would think 17s should be okay as well. As far as ricey, I dunno. But it would make more sense to run wider on the front drive wheels. Though you don't really see that.


235/40/17 won't rub up front. I have 245/40/17 up front on my ms3, on a 9" wide wheel, and I got no problems. As far as ricey, it could be, depending. I don't like stagger on FWD cars (but that's me), however, putting the wider tires up front is fairly common in FWD autox- so I can let it pass.


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It depends on your suspension...I'm lowered 2 in with 18x9.5 tires are 245 40 18 they kinda rub on turns and bigger bumps. Honestly if you're dropped with staggered rims it depends. It matters on the design of the rim to be considered "Ricey". I think dropped and staggered looks great on most cars :) good luck


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Old thread yes. If u had seen thus back then I would recommend not doing staggered unless he's doing drag or auto x and have the wider in front. And as for the s drives, I would recommend falken fk452 or hankook evo12 tires over s drives.