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VW Alignment Specs (US and Euro)

Big Nate

Chaos Engineer
Below are the specs for my car and I would like to know if there is a difference between the cars built here or just the adjustment of the alignment / suspension.
So my question is can i take the euro specs to an alignment shop (alignment guy) and have them set it up to those or will I have massive issues?

Front, US:
Camber: -30′ +/- 30′
Toe Out (at left and right lock): 1deg 38′
Caster: 7deg 34′
Ride Height: 382mm +/- 7mm

Front, Euro:
Camber: -44′ +/- 30′
Toe Out (at left and right lock): 1deg 22′
Caster: 7deg 47
Ride Height: 360 +/- 7mm

Rear, US:
Camber: 1deg 20′

Rear, Euro:
Camber: 1deg 45′


But seriously I am also curious.

I would suspect the different parameters are due to different saftey and performance test standards, but those numbers are so close I can't see an issue. The tolerance ranges overlap substantially so if they pegged nominal on the euro specs you'd still be within the US specs.

Big Nate

Chaos Engineer
Well if I go with the Euro spec I would get a little drop plus like Jay siad to fit my new stretched tyres.

<.< >.>

No for the most part I just wanted to know why there was two different setups. Plus those I don't understand how the alignment specs are written. And sense I will never do my own i don't care to learn too much. Just enough to understand what mean what.


I'm not sure which part you don't understand... but the one odd thing is that they are written in degrees-minutes, whereas I have always seen alignment specs written in degrees with decimal fractions. So, taking the front camber (US) spec: -30' = -0°30' = -0.5° with a tolerance of +/- 0.5°, so the total range for the US spec is 0° to -1°, while the euro spec is appx -0.25° to -0.75°.

Otherwise, this should explain the rest:

Sorry if that's not the part you were questioning

Big Nate

Chaos Engineer
That makes sense. So with the euro spec I will for sure have a little neg camber where as with the US spec I could be at zero camber.

Are those specs hard for a good alignment shop to hit?


It will probably depend on how the adjustments are designed on your particular car, but a range of 1 degree for camber seems fairly wide to me. When we did the alignment day at Stellar, I think most people were getting within .1 degree on the toe, and maybe a little wider on the camber.

But again... that's all going to depend on how much adjustability is built into your suspension, and the condition of your suspension and steering system. Sloppy bushings or rusted/worn components can make it impossible for even the best shop to hit a target.

And now, we've reached about the end of my knowledge, so someone else will have to chime in if you want more details!