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Steering - High Power Steering Effort



Bulletin No.: 06-003/08

Last Issued: 02/18/2008


APPLICABLE MODEL(S)/VINs^ 2004-2007 Mazda3 vehicles (except Mazdaspeed3) with VINs lower than JM1 BK**** ** 709745 (produced before February 1, 2007)

^ 2006-2007 Mazda5 vehicles with VINs lower than JM1 CR**** ** 150635 (produced before February 1, 2007)


Some customers may feel the power steering effort is heavy. This can be caused by a fluid leak. One such leak can be caused by burrs found on the return port nipple of the fluid reservoir tank, making a gap between the return port and hose. All return ports are now inspected on the production line to ensure there is no burr. To avoid unnecessary parts replacement, customers having this concern should have their vehicle repaired using the following repair procedure.


1. A clean solid plug with these measurements (either from around the shop or made up) to prevent dust from entering the return port.

2. Sandpaper (# 1200, 10 mm x 100 mm)

3. Cleaning fluid (degreasing agent or parts cleaning agent))


1. Verify concern by checking to see if the steering effort is hard and the power steering fluid level is low, indicating a leak.

NOTE: Check for the leak at the return hose directly down from the power steering fluid reserve tank. If the leak is here, continue with this Service Bulletin. If the leak is not here, refer to MS3 online instructions or Workshop Manual section 06-14 POWER STEERING FLUID INSPECTION.

2. Drain the fluid from the electric power steering pump.

3. Remove the electric power steering oil pump. Refer to MS3 online instructions or Workshop Manual section 06-14.

4. Run your finger over the parting lines on the return port to check for burrs.

NOTE: The parting lines are on the top and bottom of the port.

5. Insert the plug in the return port as shown.

6. Place the sandpaper on one of the parting lines of the return port as shown and sand off the burrs (for approximately 1 minute) until the surface is smooth.

CAUTION: Do not sand any locations other than the burrs. If you sand too much, the shape of the return port will become deformed.

7. Lightly sand the parting line on the opposite side of the return port.

8. After both sides have been sanded, wash off the particles using cleaning fluid and a clean cloth.

9. Remove the plug from the return port.

10. Install the electric power steering oil pump with a new power steering return hose. Refer to MS3 online instructions or Workshop Manual section 06-14.

11. Refill the the reservoir tank with power steering fluid. Power steering fluid specification: ATF M-III or equivalent.

12. Perform Air Bleeding of the system. Refer to MS3 online instructions or Workshop Manual section 06-14.

13. Verify repair.