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Shed Build

Big Nate

Chaos Engineer
Well I started a shed this past weekend and wanted to post up some of my progress.

Here is the site I picked. It is in the back corner of my lot by both of my neighbors sheds.

I went with a treated frame for the floor on concrete blocks berried just below grade. I used treated 4x4s to level the frame and 3/4 tongue and grove plywood for the floor.

I built all of the walls on the floor and lifted them into place.

I pre assembled most of the roof and lifted it into place.

I have yet to get sheathing and shingles on but at least there is a lid on my box.

Well more to come.

Please post questions or comments.


So, that wasn't one of those prefab sheds? Cause im not gonna lie, that looks damn nice. I'm always impressed by people that can do woodwork of any sort, be it construction or making a table. I can measure shit for a month and my results end up looking like some sort of collapsed beaver hovel.

Any plans to run power to it? I sense secret man cave

Big Nate

Chaos Engineer
My uncle helped me get all the lumber. No plans no prefab. Just a list of lumber.

No plans as of yet but when I swap out my main panel this fall I may leave a spot for it.


I have to say, I am truly impressed with the skillset. Pile of boards to shed w/o instructions is something beyond me.


is the word, beotch
It's lookin' great Nate! Are you planning on having any windows or skylights for light in there? I didn't see anything that looked like a window/skylight in the pics, but the round tube-skylights don't need special framing. If not, you might want to consider something so it isn't super dark in there, unless you end up running power.

Big Nate

Chaos Engineer
Looks like he already is, check out the last pic where the rafters tie to the top plate.
Yep I used some brackets I got at HD . I didn't want to birdsmouth all those rafters.

Update on the shed......

Slow progress with rain, school, and football camp.

I have closed in the gable ends with flat plywood not the grooved siding.

I am looking to get the fascia and soffit done tonight and also get the roof shingled. then next week i will work on the doors and get it painted.