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Recall - Malfunction Indicator Lamp ON/DTC P2006




1. Verify that the vehicle is within the following range:

^ 2007 CX-7 built from February 14, 2006 through February 24, 2007 VIN Range:

JM3 ER29** 70 100057 - 163409

^ 2007 Mazdaspeed3 built from June 28, 2006 through February 3, 2007 VIN Range:

JM1 BK34**71 603266-711634

^ 2006-2007 Mazdaspeed6 built from August 4, 2005 through February 24, 2007 VIN Range:

2006-JM1 GG12L*61 100056-109402

2007-JM1 GG12L*71 108052-109402

- If the vehicle is within the above range, proceed to step 2.

- If the vehicle is not within the above range, return the vehicle to the customer or inventory.

2. Perform a Warranty Vehicle Inquiry using your eMDCS System and inspect vehicle for a Campaign Label RECALL 4807H attached to the vehicle's bulkhead. Refer to eMDCS System - Warranty Vehicle Inquiry Results table below.

NOTE: Verify Recall number as the vehicle may have multiple recalls.

eMDCS System - Warranty Vehicle Inquiry Results


1. Remove engine cover.

2. Disconnect mass air flow (MAF) connector and remove MAF harness from clip on air cleaner cover.

3. Remove air cleaner cover.

4. Locate Shutter Valve Actuator.

- If the Shutter Valve Actuator has a YELLOW or WHITE identification dot located above the electrical connector, the part is modified, DO NOT REPLACE THE ACTUATOR. Proceed to "D. CAMPAIGN LABEL INSTALLATION"

- If the Shutter Valve Actuator has NO identification dot located above the electrical connector, proceed to "C. REPAIR PROCEDURE" for actuator replacement.


1. Record customer's radio station presets.

2. Disconnect negative battery cable.

3. Disconnect vent hose from air intake hose using quick disconnect, then remove air intake hose.

4. Disconnect air bypass hose from air bypass valve, and purge valve hose from purge valve, then move hoses up out of the way

5. Disconnect high pressure fuel spill valve connector.

6. Disconnect hose from clip on wire harness bracket.

7. Remove two (2) bolts holding wire harness bracket and move bracket up and out of the way.

NOTE: It is not necessary to remove the ground wire bolt or disconnect the connectors as shown.

8. Remove two (2) bolts from variable swirl shutter valve actuator.

9. Using a hair dryer (NOT a heat gun), apply approximately 176°F (80°C) heat onto variable swirl shutter valve actuator ball joint for three (3) minutes.

CAUTION: Do not apply heat higher than 212°F (100°C) because it may cause damage to sensors.

10. Make sure ball joint gets warm, then disconnect joint.

CAUTION: Do not use a tool to disconnect the joint, otherwise the plate could get deformed.

11. Disconnect variable swirl shutter valve actuator hose, then remove actuator from vehicle.

12. Apply approximately 176°F (80°C) heat to modified variable swirl shutter valve actuator ball joint for three (3) minutes, then install modified actuator.

CAUTION: In order to prevent the plate from getting deformed, make sure to warm up the joint before the installation.

13. Re-assemble parts in reverse order of removal.

NOTE: For proper alignment, connect the vent hose to the air intake hose before tightening the clamps for the air intake hose.

14. Reconnect negative battery cable.

15. Re-enter customer's radio station presets.

16. Mazdaspeed6 & CX-7 Only: Proceed to Power Window Initialization Procedure".

17. Verify repair.

18. If necessary, proceed to Recall Campaign 4907H to reprogram PCM calibration.


1. Turn ignition to ON position.

2. From driver's seat ensure window lockout switch is NOT depressed.

3. Press window switch down to fully open door window.

4. Pull window switch up to fully close door window; hold switch up for two (2) seconds; release switch.

5. Move to front passenger seat and repeat Steps 3 - 4 on passenger window switch.

6. Mazdaspeed6 Only: Move to rear seat and repeat Steps 3 - 4 on both rear window switches.

7. Verify proper window operation using each door switch.


1. Fill out a blue Campaign Label" (9999-95-065A-05) with Campaign No: 4807H", your dealer code, today's date, and affix it to the vehicle's bulkhead as shown in A. VEHICLE INSPECTION PROCEDURE".

2. Return vehicle to customer.