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Rear Wiper Functionality?


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I've never had a car with a rear wiper before and I'm wondering if anyone actually uses theirs and it if it is actually useful - especially in the winter. Currently I am missing the wiper arm cover and need a new blade. I'm wondering if it would just be cheaper to ditch it altogether and buy a plug. FWIW my car is garaged every night as well.

Thanks in advance.


is the word, beotch
I have a Mz3 hatch and my wife drives an SUV and we use the rear wipers very regularly whenever the roads are wet. The visibility would soon be zero with the salty roads in the winter if the rear wiper wasn't doing it's job. I'd say it's definitely a must have. Oh and both of our vehicles are parked in a heated garage every night. It just gets really bad while driving. If you can live with side mirrors only, then you might be alright, but I wouldn't recommend it. Just my 2 cents.

Big Nate

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One my VW I am going to remove my rear wiper. I think it will give a lot cleanre look to the back of the car. But like Pete said there are time you may want it to clean the rear window of salt. My truck rear wiper has not worked sense my wife closed the garage door on the hatch about four years ago. She has never said I need to fix it so take that for what it is worth.


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I use mine quite regularly in rain and winter. I use my rear view mirror more than I use side mirrors. I get frustrated when I can't see out of the back window.

Speaking of rear wipers, I need a new blade as well.


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Awesome Thanks for the reply. I will definitely look into this test. Ive made an appointment with an ND, so I shall run it by him. How accurate is this test?