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Rasky Auto Detailing!

Jesse MS3GT

Just got my car detailed by Rasky! I havent seen the car in person yet, but the pictures he posted on MNSC are making me think twice about getting rid of the car.

Throughout the entire process he has been very professional, knowledgeable and helpful with my cars needs! No matter what car I have, he's my detailing guy - even though he has encouraged me to detail my car from now on.

For having 20,000 miles on the clock this car was in very good shape…I actually wish more people would take care of their cars like this. Having evaluating the finish 2 weeks prior, we decided to give the car a 1-step polish and fluff up the interior doing whatever it may need. I tried both Menzurna Nano polish and Meguiar's M205 on my test spots. Both polishes yielded about the same results with M205 working faster, easier, and still leaving an excellent finish. I did try to capture the very light marring in the paint, which was typical from 20,000 miles worth of washings, but was unsuccessful with my camera. About the only thing on the paint that did show in the pics were the bug corpses, which had etched into the mirrors having been on the paint since last fall.

-Car was washed with Megs Gold Class, P21S Gel on the wheels, APC+ on the wheel wells, and Amazing Roll Off on the tires.

-Exhaust tip was cleaned with M105 and protected with KAIO.

-The lower half of the car was loaded with bonded surface contaminants and fine tar. I first used Tarminator to remove the tar, and the clayed the whole car with Megs Mild Clay.

-Some water spots were on the trim around the side windows and center pillars from when the window tinting had been done. I tried KAIO which removed them and left the trim looking like brand new.

-For my choice of protectant on this car I tried out some Opti-Seal, which I was using for the first time…it was very easy to use. I then topped it off the following day with some Dodo Juice Supernatural.

-On the interior I shampooed the floor matts and front carpets, went over the vinyl with Megs QID, and treated the leather with some Leather Masters cleaner and protectant.



I’ll try and get some day pics tomorrow…it’s been raining all day. :(

Thanks for looking,
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That looks like some quality work! If you wouldn't mind, it would be great if you could post a review of your experience with them in the "Reviews Galore" section!


I'm curious as to how much work like that costs. Certainly looks like a lot of time and care was put into it!


+1, I'd love to hear what kind of ball park price we're talking about...


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I sent Chaf an email, he sent me a very lengthy response explaining what he does different. He said he charges $45 an hour, which is on par with bigger shops. The difference is he put 8-10 hours into each job.

Please reserve judgment until I can post the information he sent me. For me, it seems like it is worth the cost, but I will probably hold off until my power mods are complete.


That does seem like a lot of money, but I could see paying that kind of dough once every year or two for a thorough and professional detailing job.