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Picklz' I'm moving so here are a Few items for sale thread


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As the title states we're moving so I have a few items to hopefully sell before we move. Everything is OBO:

Coffee Table & 2 End Tables
Purchased from HOM furniture, in good shape. Includes 2 end tables and the coffee table. Glass and stone inserts come out for easy transportation $120 for the whole set.

Cherry TV Stand / Entertainment Center
Large TV stand with lots of storage, has 4 shelves below, another large shelf the full size of the unit above those, and then the top for setting a TV on. I have a 46" LCD on it and there is plenty of room to go bigger, probably at least 55-60" It's in pretty good shape, but heavy. $120

Red/White/Black race-deck style garage flooring (Garage Deck brand)
I purchased this probably 4 years ago or so from bigfloors.com - I have approximately 170 black tiles, 104 white tiles, and 64 red tiles, and each tile is 1 square foot. It was enough to cover my 2 car garage with some left over. It power washed it last summer so it's fairly clean, it's been in a garage though so there's some with scratches/scuffs/etc and some, especially the white are a little dirty still. Spent close to $1000 new, looking for $400 for all of it. (Picture was from when it was brand-new)

Townhome for rent:
I'm also renting my 3 bed 3 bath 1763sqft townhome out starting July 1 - nice 2 car garage, big corner lot, living/dining/kitchen/bath on the main level and 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a large loft upstairs. Owners suite has a big sitting room / office attached to it, walk in closet, and 3/4 bath with dual vanity sink. If you're interested let me know. $1400/mo 12+ month lease, discounts considered for 24 or 36 month lease, furniture can be negotiated.


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Great price for the garage flooring! I'm so tempted to buy it and store it until my current setup needs to be replaced.
Glad you're keeping the townhouse and renting it...based on memory of what you said in the past, that should bring in some extra income assuming the renters are good to the property.

Wish I could afford it...would need at least one more person to split it with me in order to afford it...preferably 2 since I have a car payment now.