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need summer rims for my ms3


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I don't want to keep switching my tires back and forth on my stock rims between summer/winter on our speed3. I figured out that 240 bucks every 12 months aint worth it. Any suggestions on "cheap", and I really dont want to go over 150 per rim, ideas? I would rather put the aftermarket rims on for summer w/ the stock Dunlops and leave the ice-xs on the stock rims so I dont have to pay even more to swap em back again. I found stock tmps sensors on ebay for 139 bucks for a set of 4 new. Craigslist never has anything but used overpriced crap on it Figure I will just go new now. Again any ideas for halfway decent rims locally new?


I just got tirerack s catalogue in the mail today, looks like they have some decent Looking "cheapys"( not to say they're bad, just cheaper than the rest) if check there


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will take a look, discount tires rims didnt excite me after looking what they have over. anything I liked didnt come in 18 :(


Check out wheeldude.com. He does Rotas, dem r about the cheapest you're getting new. Alternately, find a used set on CL.