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Mazda Speed Protege Head Unit Forgets Radio Settings



Issue: Headunit Forgets Audio Settings.
What: Headunit forgets audio setup settings or clears memory after resetting due to above problem.

Why: Unknown as to why it does it by itself. It is normal behavior, however, when you manually reset the unit.

How To Fix: If your deck resets without you manually resetting it, return to the dealership. They should replace it under warranty. The default settings are listed below so you can reset it while you're waiting for the new unit. Keep in mind that the below settings are "optimized defaults" and you are urged to change as you feel needed.

Applicable Models
Model Starting S/N Ending S/N
2003 PROTEGE 00000000 ZZZZZZZZ

Symptoms and Conditions
Listed below are the Optimum Audio Control settings specified by KENWOOD
for the Kenwood KDC-MP919 CD-Receiver when used with the MAZDASPEED
subwoofer unit.

Adjustment Procedure
1. Press the SRC button to turn the unit on.
2. Press the AUD button for at least one second to enter the control mode,
which will display the first adjustment item.
3. Press the FM button to scroll forward, or the AM button to scroll Back, in
the adjustment items list.
4. Press the -- or >> to adjust settings of the displayed item to the values
as specified in the list below.
5. Press AUD button to exit the Audio Control Mode.

Adjustment Item Display Setting
Bass Center Frequency Bass FRQ 60
Bass Level Bass 0
Bass Q Factor Bass Q 2.00
Bass Extend Bass EXT ON
Middle Center Frequency MID FQR 0.5
Middle Level MID +1
Middle Q Factor Middle Q 1.0
Treble Center Frequency TRE FRQ 12.5
Treble Level TRE +2
Balance Balance 0
Fader Fader 0
Non-Fading Level NF Level 00
Front High-Pass Filter HPF Front 100
Rear High-Pass Filter HPF Rear 100
Non-Fading Low-Pass Filter NPF NF 80
Non-Fading Phase NF Phase Normal (0 )
Volume offset Volume Offset 0
Loudness LOUD ON (speaker shown)