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Mazda Protege rally and grip


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hey guys, havent posted this here yet so i thought i would. got tired of the pricks on the RKC thread no appreciating the ol' Proto and knew you guys would so here we go...
some pics as well?

let me know what you guys think! thanks


I dig it. The only thing i'd change, on some of those high angle sweepers, catch the action low and outside of the car. It'd be pretty sweet to see the slip angle of the car. Way to use what you got tho... def. not a garage queen.


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The protege is great in the dirt. A few years back one of the guys was in a rally cross with his msp and he took 2nd I believe vs a bunch of wrx's and whatever.


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Find a rally-cross or legal place to do it and your worries of getting caught will be gone.