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Main Electrical Panel upgrade.

Big Nate

Chaos Engineer
Finally got my electrical panel updated this past weekend.

I had a Federal Pacific Stab Lock 150amp.

This panel had a lot of issues with it. For one they lost the UL rating and the breakers have been known to both not trip or arch or at the panel causing fires.
Another shot.

I swapped in a new Square D QO 200amp panel I got at Lowes in a kit with five breakers. It was a good deal at $120. It can handle 30 breakers with ten of them being tandem for a total of 40 spaces.

Here is a shot of the feeder lines 2/0 wires I had to trim shorter to fit the new panel. You can see the anti ox paste that must be used when connecting AL wire to other metals.

Here are all the lines attached and torqued down. The two phases on the outside and the nutral and ground bonded in the middle.

This is just a shot of the panel plug I put on. I went with a four-plex box and will put two duplex receptacles in it. The box is a deep box so I don’t get too crowded in there. I will also be splicing my doorbell in here.

This is a shot of everything all done. I had some short wires and had to make it work. I will be rerunning some of the lines to clean it up a bit. But I had to have the power company pull my meter to do this and had to just get it done in the time I had. The inspector looked at this and gave me the seal and said it was all good to go.

Here it is with the door on. I have labeled all of the lines now that is not shown in the pic. You can see the Green inspection tag on the door.


This will be nice to see once I get off the crapnet that blocks everything here at work. I just hung my 200amp 40 breaker Siemens panel this weekend, put in and wired outlets, 6 in the bathroom, 1 to relocate the fridge, 1 for an installed microware and 1 for a garbage disposal. The old box was a 8 fuse box (has no main breaker so no max ampage?) circa 1950s with the 2 220 outlets in the house being hard wired to the mains. It's a mircule this placed hasn't burned down yet. I would like some more details from you about about dealing with main feeds but I'm not sure this is the right location for that type of talk...

Big Nate

Chaos Engineer
Sure lets talk about it here. Seems lagit.

The main feeders from the meter to your panel are controled very closely. The power co will have to replace the lines from the street if they don't meet standard. The inspector will not look at anything before the meter. they will only look at the work after it. What city are you in?