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Instruments - Temperature Display Mode Changes






2006 Mazda3 equipped with Ambient Temperature Display


In some cases, a vehicle may have the ambient temperature display switched from "Fahrenheit (°F)" to "Centigrade (°C)" or vice versa after removing/installing the battery or room fuse.

On vehicles equipped with Automatic Air Conditioning, the ambient temperature and temperature set for the air conditioner share the same location on the display. Therefore, if the ambient temperature is displayed in Fahrenheit, then the temperature set for the air conditioner is also displayed in Fahrenheit.

NOTE : If this concern occurs, DO NOT REPLACE ANY COMPONENTS!

Customers having this concern should have their temperature display changed to the alternate units by performing the procedure below.

Technicians are also encouraged, after removing/installing the battery or room fuse, to identify if the temperature display has changed units, and to perform the following procedure when necessary.


1. Turn the ignition switch to "ON".

2. Allow the ambient temperature to be displayed. (Make sure that "AMB" is displayed next to the Temperature on the display.)

3. Make sure that the audio system is on. (If it is not, turn it on.)

4. While pressing and holding the "Power/Volume" dial, press and hold the "MEDIA" button on the audio system for 5 seconds or more.

5. Release your fingers off the MEDIA button followed by the Power/Volume dial, at which point the display is switched.

6. Turn the ignition switch "OFF".

7. Turn the ignition switch "ON", and verify the display is correct.