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How to: Replace the Low Beams in a Mazda



How-to Replace Low Beams

Have you had a headlight burn out yet? It’ll happen eventually and you may be surprised to find that your owner’s manual will probably direct you to take your car to the dealer. Mine did. But I, like many of you I’m sure, do not have the time to run to the dealer for every little issue that arises with a car.

So, here’s a guide to help you replace the low beams in a Mazda 6. Although everything might not be exactly the same, I believe this how-to can help those of you with other models of Mazdas as well. In addition, this is written for replacing the low beams, but you can most likely access your high beams and fog lights in a similar manner.

What you will need:
-H1 bulb (for low beams on the Mazda6) or appropriate low beam bulb
-Two hands

What you will not need:

1. First, be sure your lights are off. Next, release your hood from inside the car, walk to the front of the car, pop your hood, and prop it open. Locate the bulb cover near the outside edge of the car. For some models here is where an issue may arise. V6s and turbocharged versions of Mazdas have tightly packed engine bays. This makes it difficult, but not impossible, to get access to the headlight housing. So, you can either wrangle it yourself, find someone with small hands, or remove the front bumper (but that’s a whole other write-up).

2. Reach your hand down and grab the cover. Spin it to the left to unlock it.

3. Pull the cover out of the way and set it aside.

4. Look at the headlight assembly. Notice the wire bar that locks the low beam in place.

5. Push the wire bar back and to the side to release it.

6. Now you can raise the wire bar up and snap it to the handy spot (Thanks Mazda Engineers) on the top edge of the assembly.

7. The low beam is now free and can be carefully removed from the headlight housing. I say carefully because it is probably burned out, but there’s a small chance your low beam might not be working due to a wiring problem. So, removing slowly and being careful not to touch the actual glass with your hand might save you a bulb. Plus it’s good practice for when you put a new one in.

8. Take note of the position of the bulb in relation to the wiring harness. This will help when you put in the new bulb. Remove the bulb by pulling on the surrounding metal piece (Remember to try not to touch the glass!) until it pops free.

9. Take a look at your low beam and look for a break in the filament. The filament is the spring like piece. If the filament doesn’t appear broken, it may be a very small break. But, you will know soon enough if the bulb is the problem when you replace it. You can see this one is clearly broken.

10. Set aside your old low beam and grab your new one. You can see when you look at a new one that the filament is intact.

11. Holding your new bulb carefully (Again being careful not to touch the glass), insert it back into the wiring harness paying attention to the position you noted earlier.

12. Carefully and slowly place your low beam back in the headlight housing.

Make sure the angled edge of metal on the bulb mates with the corresponding angle of the low beam assembly.

13. Pull the wire bar down from its holder and snap it back into place.

Now you can go turn on your lights and verify the bulb works. (Note: You have to wait to do this until the bulb is locked in place with the wire bar in order for power to light the bulb.) If they work great. If not, make sure the new bulb filament looks okay and if necessary use the other (working) bulb from the opposite side of the car and test your lights with it. If that works you need another bulb. If that still doesn’t work you probably have a wiring issue or a blown fuse. Check the fuse or take it to the dealer.

14. Find your bulb cover that you set aside earlier. Note the labels on the plastic cover and the tabs on the outer edge.

15. Slide the bulb cover down in by the headlight assembly and line the top facing upward and the tabs into the corresponding slots.

16. Push on the bulb cover turning it to the right to lock it back in place.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully replaced the low beam in the car. All without going to the dealer.

DISCLAIMER: Slim has provided this guide as a how-to to use at your own risk. I take no responsibility for any damage incurred to property or persons.
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I <3 that wire clip. The first time I changed the low beams in my 3, it turned my fingertips into mangled chunks of meat. It's nice that you can at least see the clip in the 6.... you pretty much have to go by feel in the 3.


New Member
Passenger low beams

I ended up carefully extracting the coolant overflow on the passenger side. This gave me enough space to move aside some wires and then remove the plastic cap on the back.