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How to Dynamat the rear deck of a MSP



How to Dynamat the rear deck of a MSP
Items you will need :

precision flat head screw driver
utility knife
dynamat or similar sound deadening material approx 4sq ft
some kind of cleaner, i used windex


Locate the knobs on each side of the rear seats...

pull on both knobs and lower seats down...

locate the plastic tabs that hold part of the rear deck lid to the car...

insert the flat head into the center of the plastic tab. the easiest way in my opinion is to insert the corner of the flat head and slide the rest of the screw driver in.

once you have the flat head is under the center part of the tab pull the center part out slightly and you will be able to remove the whole tab very easily. place the 4 tabs in a safe area you will need them again later

after all the tabs are out the rear deck lid should look like this.

the bottom of the rear deck lid should now be very loose and you should be able to fit both of your hands under the front flap. once you get both hands under the front flap pull up and towards yourself. you will have to pull some what hard but do not force the panel off, also you will hear some popping, that is normal and it is just the clips on the bottom side of the panel releasing themselves.

once you pull the deck lid off it should freely move, besides the fact that the seat belts are still running through it.

set the rear deck lid on the folded down rear seats

take the windex and clean all of the bare metal. for dynamat in particular you have to have a clean surface for the material to stick to, otherwise the material will not stick well and will eventually get loose and also rattle. also you will notice that there are no rear deck speakers but there are places for them, your actual rear speakers are located in the rear doors. at this point take the screws out that are around the area where 6x9" speakers would go. you can either save those screws or throw them away. either way you don't really need them.

cut the dynamat with the utility knife into strips to stick to the metal, you do not need to cover every single inch of metal but only the main areas also you can cover up holes and areas the brackets fit into just make sure that you cut out the areas that you covered up. continue laying down the dynamat until your rear deck looks like this or until you are satisfied.

I personally did not end up using all of the dynamat so I opted to cover my rear license plate (the back side), the bottom side of the rear deck, and parts of my trunk lid.
*side note*
also you will notice that I removed the rear powered sub that is attached to the rear deck lid. to remove the large piece that contains the powered sub etc. remove all of the wires that run into the kenwood amp. once you do that put electrical tape over the ends of each wire. if you look to each end of the area where the amp and sub is mounted you will see 2 black bolts connected to 2 metal brackets if you remove those 4 bolts amp and sub will come down and you will have an amp you can use to power a different sub and also 2 large holes that will go directly into the cab of the vehicle. luckily there are grill covers that cover up those holes.

once done to put the deck lid back on slide it back in just as you took it off. once the lid feels in place push down on the top of it fairly hard, again do not force it into place if it does not seem to want to go in. as you are pushing down on the rear deck, again you will notice some popping sounds, that will be the deck popping back into place. once you have the rear deck back into place take the tabs that you removed earlier and put them back into the 4 empty holes now. it is easiest to put the tabs back in if you have the center part of the tab in the 'out position' ,just like it was when you pulled it out, and try to put one of the 4 prongs in at a time on the tab.

once you are done the rear lid should look just like it did before you started now all you have to do is put the seats back up and your done. enjoy the music :shibby: