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How to: change the oil on your Speed6

Big Nate

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I ok here we go the first how to for MNMazda.

How to change the oil on a Mazdaspeed6 2006-2007.

This may seem to some to be a no brainier but to others they may still be a little hesitant to do it yourself. With these steps and a little time it can save you a lot of money over the life of your ride. Here we go.

1. Get 5.7 quarts of oil for this car. Please read this View attachment 9 for what type of oil you want to use. I got Mobile 1 0W-30 full synthetic. I also used the Napa Gold 7203 filter.

The filter is a cartridge style with O rings to seal it.

2. Now the work. Jack the car up and put it on jack stands. Remove the plastic pan that covers the bottom of the motor. There are six 10 mm bolts that hold it on. Set the pan aside.

3. That will gain you access to the oil filer cap. Have you oil drip pan ready at this point. If you look in the center of the car at the front of the motor you will find the oil filter cap. There is a plug at the bottom of the cap to drain the oil out of the filter. Use a metric Allen wrench to remove it and let the oil drain out into the pan. There will not be a lot of oil in the filter housing so no need to let it sit for too long.

4. Now your ready to remove the filter cap and change the filter it self. I used a strap wrench to remove it because the parts store was closed and I didn’t have the filter wrench for it.

Drain plug with O ring half off.

Filter cap with O ring half off.

5. Next you must replace the rubber O rings that seal the filter cap and filter drain plug. (Yes you should do this every time you change the oil) Also put the paper part of the filter on the filter cap.

6. Reinstall everything and no need to go He-man style on the cap just get both the drain plug and the filter cap good and snug.

7. Now we move to the oil pan itself there is a 15 mm drain plug on the pan (see pic). Remove it slowly and let the oil drain in the pan for a minute or two. Reinstall the plug only getting it good and snug again.

8. Last fill the engine up with five of the six quarts of oil. The last .7 quarts you need to check the dip stick and get it to the full line. (Warning! do not just dump 6 quarts of oil in and say “fuck it that’s only .3 quarts too muchâ€￾. This is a vary bad idea just get it to the full line.

So give me your feedback on what you think.
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A much shorter version:

Jack up car, take off splash guard, take off oil cap, take off drain plug, drain oil, take out oil filter drain plug, drain more oil, take out oil filter, replace filter, replace o-rings, lube o-rings, put drain plug back in, put oil filter back in, put oil filter drain plug back in, fill with 5.7ish qts of oil, put oil cap back on, check for leaks, put splash guard back on, lower car, drive it around, check for leaks again, and done.

Did I miss anything?

Jesse MS3GT

I did the math for you guys who dont want to check your dipstick. 1 qt of oil is 946ml. Now you need 5.7 qts right? .7 x 946 = 662ml. Most oil quart bottles have a see through side with measurements on it. Thats what I plan on doing ;)