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Fresh Tint

Big Nate

Chaos Engineer
Here are the before shots.

And here it is with A 10% visor 40% drivers and passengers side and 30% on the rest.

This was a Christmas gift from my sister in-law and wife.


is the word, beotch
Looks great!! I like the visor. I wonder if it's possible to get the visor with a graduated edge rather than a hard line. Seems like some of the auto manufacturers used to put those on cars all the time back in the day.


I like window tint, its the first thing I do on all my cars I've had.


New Member
Looks good nate. Those guys definitely do great work and they are fairly quick about it as well.

At some point, I will be getting the gf's car in for different tint. Didn't know the exact state limits when I took it to a different shop before. So...I will eat my mistake and have it re-tinted.


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in mn its 50 all the way around. i actually got pulled over the cop said its 48%.
Legal limit is 50%, but normally they will give a slight % leeway as the factory windows have a couple % tint on them. Some tint manufactures manufacture tint at 52/53% to 50%. So, some variant in tint themselves. But, law is law and it depends on the cop.