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Engine Controls - Cold Engine Rattling Noise




2001-2003 Protege, 2002-2003 Protege5 - RATTLING NOISE AT 1000 - 3000 RPM COLD ENGINE

Note: This bulletin contains revised sections. Please update your records accordingly.

REVISION NOTE: ^ This bulletin supersedes 01-004/03, issued 3/18/03. The 2003 Model Year Protege5 has been included and VIN range information under REPAIR PROCEDURE has been revised.

2001-2003 Protege (2.0L FS only)
2002-2003 Protege5


Some customers may experience an engine rattle noise under light to moderate acceleration with engine coolant temperatures below 65 C (149 F) and engine RPMs between 1000 and 2900 RPM.

The noise is the result of the intentional swirl effect that is generated when the Variable Tumble Control System (VTCS) plates in the intake manifold are closed. Swirl accelerates the burn of the air/fuel mixture which reduces emissions when the engine is cold. The noise does not have a negative effect on the engine, and disappears as soon as coolant temperature reaches 65 C (149 F). There is a counter-measure to help reduce the noise in order to improve customer satisfaction.

Customers having this concern should have their vehicle repaired using one of the following procedures:

1. Verify customer concern.

2. Check vehicle VIN range as shown.

3. Replace the VTCS delay valve, then proceed to step 4.

4. Program the PCM using WDS (Version B22 or later), verify the correct calibration from the table shown.


02 Protege & Protege5

Due to current WDS B24.* software issues, to reprogram 2002 model year vehicles to the required calibration, you will need to select 2001 MY in the WDS "Select Vehicle Specification" screen.

NOTE : If a 2002 vehicle was reprogrammed with the 2002 MY selected in the "Vehicle Specification" screen, it will not have the correct calibration and will need to be reprogrammed again using the special programming instructions noted above.

03 Protege & Protege5

For 2003 Protege & Protege5 with VIN RANGE: JM1BJ2***3*l0000l to JM1BJ2***3*143365, proceed to 2003 Protege & Protege5 Reprogramming Instructions shown.

5. Install revised PCM calibration sticker (9999-95-AMDC 97 available through MStore) in appropriate position (next to vehicle emissions label) with the calibration P/N provided in the table above.

6. Verify repair.