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Custom Stickers - Ask away!



How about both?
I guess I thought I'd get to see both then pick one.

I don't mind buying both and then just picking from there either.


I see what you are getting at :) We typically will just cut what is requested on custom stickers, unless it is something that I think the extras can be sold off easily.

Being that this sticker is a double color (white & silver). I would probably just make the one sticker you were wanting up front (any additional would be made in a single color).

That being said. I'll PM you a price for this and we can go from there on 1 or 2 stickers :) Here an example of colors. The Silver is a metallic type vinyl (pic also below).



I want a sticker of some sort that says

"plastidip is for tools"
With a picture of a tool. But not a wrench, instead like a guy wearing a visor backwards and upside down type of tool.

Open for design and font choice. Just looking for some ideas
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Oh come on, it'll be hilarious, and I guarantee a bunch will sell. I already have a few takers.


Total failure on my part over the holidays! I apologize guys... Changing positions at work and hopefully more good work news on the way. Been BUSY!

BUT Looking to get some stickers going again :)

SO If you are looking for stuff, or mentioned something on here and you are still wanting it, quick post up here and we'll get on it!