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Chump Car


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I'd like to put this on the table here to see who might be serious about looking at a chump car project. I'm not looking for hash over an idea for any extended amount of time, just want something we can get into the program, and focus on reliability vs cost first, add competitive later.

I have the space for the project, just looking for some like minded team mates.

I'd prefer something along the lines of a Honda or Miata or E30/36.


110 HP of FURY!
...could be the same book, but a different chapter for sure. I don't want to rush anything, but I want to work with a committed team, willing to sit down, put shit on paper and plan this out. People who want to run 5+ races next year is welcome, but would have to be ok with others not being able to take that on right off the bat. I'm not looking to impules this, but be productive in the planning, all aspects of it.


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You know I'd be down considering I'm already waste deep in a major project. Steve (my invester) is already looking forward at getting a garage for more builds in the future. Next summer would be a cool time to do something like that. And I will have body part moulds if we did a miata. It would be cool to make a big MNMazda sponsored car.


I think it would be a lot of fun to be involved in something like this, but TBH I don't think I would be able to step up to the level of commitment needed to be a primary member of a team. I'd definitely be happy to turn some wrenches and help out in auxiliary ways if it ever got off the ground though.


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Yeah, with wanting to run 3-4 HPDE's in the vette I wouldn't really be able to commit the time and cash towards doing this - have you ever considered getting a competition license and actually racing the Miata AJ? And are you planning on doing Auto-X and HPDE + Chump? I can't imagine it'd be easy to be tied up away from home 10+ weekends out of the summer.

All that said I'm with Jay, if this happens and ya'll need help wrenching I'll lend a hand.


110 HP of FURY!
For 2012 my goal would be to run as many Auto X events in the Miata as possible, while trying to mix in some COM and CVSCC events among the MAC events. That being said, I'd like to at least start the process of a Chump Car Team with the potential to run at least one event at BIR in 2012, and maybe do 2-3 events in 2013. Spread the cost out a bit more for everyone involved. If I don't run a single event in 2012, I'd be ok with that, I'd get my track seat time in then with a couple HPDE events in the Miata as a back up. Ideal schedule would be 1 Chump Car event, 1 HPDE event, and then 5-6 Auto X events.

It's just something I want to do, but don't want to rush it, so money wise, it would be something team members can talk about and save into. I have an old DSM friend who expressed some interest and he already has an MR2, so may talk with him about that some more. I'm also not opposed to buying a car when it comes up. That would reduce some costs in building a car.


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I would be in, as long as the goal is for maybe one event for 2012, and a 2013 introduction to a few events.

Kyle, Ryan, and I are all thinking of forming a chump car team. John does not want to commit, not sure why.


I could help, sadly next year is gonna be full of changes for us so I can't really commit just yet.