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Chump Car - Car Discussion


SUDO Make me a SAMCH
So most probably know I'm looking at starting a chump car team for 2014 - currently working out details of the team and such but at the same time trying to decide on a car.

This is where you come in. What car would you run and why? It could be stock or a car + a motor swap of some sort. Keep in mind this is endurance racing so while power and handling are important, reliability is also a huge consideration. We'll likely be running on some faster courses so I'm really leaning towards something with some power so we aren't destroyed in the straights.

For 2014 cars have a pre-determined value based on their cost in the market place, performance, etc - overall we have a $500 budget to work with, a list of car values can be found starting on page 52 of this document http://www.chumpcar.com/downloads/2014-2016chumpcar-rules.pdf

This is NOT a finalized list, it should be pretty close but they have until Dec 1st to tweak values. As it sits right now there's a number of tempting options.

As it says Auto transmissions subtract $75, optional factory turbo or supercharged models add $100 - engine and transmission swaps are allowed but incur a $50 and $25 value up-charge respectively, if the motor/trans going in costs more than those coming out you have to add that to value as well.

They've raised the value's of the e36, and even e30 BMW's up quite a lot, so they aren't quite so attractive anymore. 1.8L Miata value went up quite a lot as well.

I've pretty much ruled out a RX7 unless we decide a motor swap of some sort makes sense, I don't want to have to deal with angry triangles.

Because of the super low value ($200) a 5.0l fox mustang is up towards the top of my list at the moment. The 5.0's a pretty solid if you keep them cool so some of that budget would get eaten up by a engine oil cooler, aluminum radiator, custom baffled oil pan, etc. But they get reasonably light when gutted and have the grunt of the 5.0l. A 94-95 5.0L SN95 stang would also be a consideration.

I was also looking at a 3800 Series II V6 swapped 87 Fiero GT, has a 88 Rear Cradle that supposedly helps with bump steer, the 3800's are pretty bullet proof but I'm not super familiar with the Fiero platform, and it sounds like some things such as hubs can be an issue.

I really would like to stay RWD but I'm open to some other suggestions. Let me know what ya think!