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2014 Mazda 3 - Spy Photos from Car and Driver


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Take the new Mazda 6 front end and put it on the HB or smaller sedan. The entire car will be from the ground up. Mazda's telling us that not a single item from the 2nd gen 3's will be in the 3rd Gen, very similar to the new 6's.

Expect to see these in the Fall :)

Mazdaspeed versions will be launched after the introduction to the Bi-Turbo Diesels coming in the fall.

I'm glad that Mazda went with the sequential turbo set up in their diesels! Can't wait to drive one!
Oh my....now that's a sexy car...I love the 1st gen 3...not sure why, just something I love...2nd gen took some getting used to, but I like it...not love it.

This...this is something that I think I will love right off the bat.


It looks a little like the previous gen Subaru Impreza. I like my Gen 2 Mz3, except for the massive grin it has when I look it in the headlights. The Gen 3 looks sweet though.


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Front certainly looks a lot better based on that second leaked image, the rear in the camo one I'm not feeling but hard to tell 100% , have to agree seems like an improvement over the GenPu but still think I like the 1G better, we'll see.


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Announced in the fall or available to purchase in the fall?
My lease is up in September.
We will have a Sneak Peak of the new 2014 3 Hatchback sometime in August...the handling of the new 3 will be the best in the segment, and ten times better than before.

As for the speed3, it will be announced shortly after the Turbo Diesel launch in the fall.