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2010 Subaru Legacy Test Drive

ZoomZoom Diva

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since it is still the only vehicle that satisfies the essential requirements, I wanted to get to know the car better. This is the results of a full look/touch/feel analysis and short test drive.

Overall: The car is good enough to remain a viable option and would be my next new car if I were needing to buy a new car today. However, there are far more compromises and design stupidities than I would like to see.

The Car: 2010 Subaru Legacy 2.5GT Limited - MSRP $32,549 with moonroof and foglamp/spoiler package.

If you come from the perspective of the old Legacy, I can see where people decry the increased size. However, while wider and taller, it's actually shorter in overall length than my Mazda6 and shorter than other mid-size cars. The added size buys additional room where I could fit comfortably in the front or back seats on a moonroof-equipped car.

Exterior and Interior appearance has the car trying too hard to mimic an Infiniti G35. Despite the hood scoop, it certainly isn't as aggressive as I'd like, and the only red shade is a garnet shade with more brown notes than a should be called "Ruby." The wheel gap is also alarming... save it for the Outback! The dash is a rather jumbled array, but it also doesn't repel me in any way except for the woodtone trim they slather on the Limited trim levels' interiors.

The seats are a mixed bag. While I would ideally prefer more side bolstering, the seatbacks were adequate (no worse than my Mazda6 in side bolstering). However, the cushion was too short to provide thigh support, and the tilt adjustment didn't tilt the entire seat. The 10-way power driver's seat otherwise worked well, though the seatback lever above the center of the seat cushion lever versus putting them in relation to the seat itself is inconvenient. The lack of a height adjustment (power or otherwise) on the passenger seat is a serious design oversight. Add this car to the list of those I don't fit in the passenger seat.

Otherwise, the interior was reasonably well crafted, but not all that well designed. The steering wheel cruise switches were small and poorly designed. The unnecessary "Cancel" button is oversized while the often-used "Set" and "Resume" functions are crowded on a rocker switch with the speed adjustment functions. Split the "Cancel" button and place the "Resume" function as a dedicated button as it should. The radio knobs are tiny and difficult to use on non-Navigation models. The armrest is too small and low to be of much use. Interior storage is also lacking with only the center console and the small glove compartment.

The audio system and the auto-up windows were not tested.

The trunk is also small, although it expands with the folding rear seat. I found the release levers flimsy (a complaint I also had with the outside door handles), and the seat does not fold when the releases are pulled.

The gauge panel is inadequate. Rather than a boost gauge (which should be standard on any Turbo), they have a useless MPG gauge. There is also no temperature gauge, which I consider particularly important on a turbo vehicle.

On the road, the car was more linear in power than I dared to hope with a turbo. Except for the turbo sounds, it had dynamics more similar to a V6 than a Turbo-I4. Only a little sluggishness from an absolute stop were noticed for lag. While I can understand the complaints the car was softened in ride and overly soundproofed as well, as it was quieter and softer than I'd like. Definitely needs lowering springs or coilovers to firm it up and eliminate the baja gap. The car was competent, but a little aloof. It went through all the maneuvers well, with only one tire squeal, and there was very little body lean, but it didn't feel very responsive.


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you know james, i heard volvo will be making their awd s40 a 6 speed for 2010.... something you might like