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2007 Auto X Rules & Helmet Info


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This was posted by Shane over on MNSC, he's very involved with auto x. Here is the thread on it. v
2007 Solo Rules book (Complete) (3.6mb PDF):
That's the ENTIRE rule book for 2006

This is a GREAT reference sheet provided by SCCA giving a basic listing of class/vs car mods. if your just getting started, try downloading this first:

There is much more info regarding classification and details on SCCA's site should you need more information:

In any local Met-Council event we have a class called SI, or "Special Interest"
This is an open class, totally unrestricted to modifications. This is typically where n00bs wind up instead of running head to head with the prepped cars and experienced drivers of the class they'll be entering.

The big rule of SI is simple, once you win, your out.
When you take 1st place in SI, you get banned from SI, and must class your car and join the class defined by the SCCA Ruleset.

Helmet Info

Pretty much the only place that will accept a D.O.T. approved helmet for any kind of racing is the drag strip (provided your slow enough) and Pro-Kart.


Snell "M" for motorcycle is the MINIMUM rating required for most Autox and Lapping days.
if you want some better protection for the inside of your car, the next step up is a Snell "K" helmet. These helmets are for Karters, and offer greater protection against concussion, but lack any sort of fire protection.
Finally, you move up into Snell "SA" helmets, they are a full race spec helmet, usually quite similar to a "K" helmet, but carries fire proofing required for most forms of competitive track racing and is almost the safest helmet you can buy... prepare to pay $300+ dollars for even the most basic SA helmet.
The only helmets that are safer are the full FIA certified helmet, which is required for competition on an international scale and stage rally.

Any Snell rating will carry with it a year. That is the year of that revision of the Snell rating system, and are typically updated every 5 Years.

The MINIMUM that the SCCA and local Met-Council race series accept for a helmet rating is Snell M2000 or better, but if your buying a new helmet it won't cost you anymore to seek out a M2005 rated helmet which will last you (ratings wise) about 10 years.

Motorcycle helmets that are Snell Rated are acceptable in an autosport environment mainly because of their multiple impact rating. so if your head hits the airbag, b pillar, head rest, etc.. your helmet is up to the task of keeping you safe. for light motorsports events like autocross and drag, a M rated helmet is often preferred thanks to their added comfort and low price tag. Serious track day guys will often bump up to an open face SA helmet, as it is still rather comfortable, but will be very hot thanks to the added padding and fire resistant materials. FIA helmets are really only worn by the serious racer.

As for local places to acquire a helmet, motorcycle stores are available for most M rated helmets, and the area's lowest prices (often beating out even online dealers) is Bob's Cycle (www.bobscycle.com). if your serious and want to get a K/S/SA rated motorsport helmet, i would highly recommend APEX SPG (www.ApexSPG.com) i can't speak for where there offices are after their recent move, but they are local and the owner is one of the best helmet fitters in the midwest. he tries to stock a few helmet models, but most must be ordered.

Beyond local, online stores include www.SoloRacer.com and www.HelmetCity.com but if your going to buy one online, at least go out to a store and try one on before ordering. helmet sizes and padding can vary not only from brand to brand, but even from model to model.