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  1. minitrucker@heart

    Time for a meet?

    Seems like this summer has been somewhat of a letdown for get togethers....locally speaking. Just alignment day and a BBQ. We should try ans get something going for one of these upcoming weekends, next thing you know all cares going back to storage. Just a thought
  2. minitrucker@heart

    ** The Unofficial MNMAZDA Atypical Beer Thread **

    I know that there are a few beer connoisseur's here. I figured that it would be a nice place to mention any good/different brews you've had lately, liquor stores around town and bar/restaurants that sell/serve some of those hard to find microbrews.
  3. minitrucker@heart

    WTB: Winter Beater

    Looking for a beater for the upcoming "wish I lived somewhere that snowed, and cars don't rust aka Arizona" season. Thanks Andy
  4. minitrucker@heart

    WTB: 04-09 Tail lights MZ3 HTBK

    Looking for tailights to fix a mistake I made...I only need the lenses, the tail lights do not have to be functional.
  5. minitrucker@heart

    Slow and Low Mazda 3 build (Beware dialup users.....do people still use dialup???)

    Slow and Low Mazda 3 build >>> New Tail Lights v2.0 UPDATED 9/12/11 New Wheels 18x8 +45 Painted the lips to match the car Had to fix my bumper from hitting a curb this past winter... I also bought a GV replica lip from Nextmod...the fitment wasn't great, plus it...
  6. minitrucker@heart

    MZ3...no turbo...

    New here, after looking around I realized most people with the 3 have the speed version. Oh well I love my hatch, great gas milage and very reliable. You can find me in the east suburbs, I work in Mendota Heights off Pilot Knob Rd, by Brown College and I live in the Woodbury/Oakdale area My...