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  1. Big Nate

    MN Mazda Forums Dead?

    Is it wrong that I don't have any idea what this means. Something about Facebook I think. Maybe a link would help.
  2. Big Nate


    Welcome It may seem quit around here but if you ask a question you will get at least a couple people to respond within 24 hours.
  3. Big Nate

    eibachs installed

    Very nice stance.
  4. Big Nate

    Thoughts on brake work for MS3

    I have the large caliper compression kit. It has been one of the best harbor freight tools I have ever purchased. As for the brake job sounds like all went well in front and the wheels came off the bus in the back. I us to think special tools were more of a gimmick until bought a couple...
  5. Big Nate

    How to: Refinish alloy wheels with a matte finish

    Well I have a set of Benz wheels that I just got on CL and they are back from the sandblaster. They have heavy corrosion on them from year of never being cleaned. They also had some rash in a couple spots that needed to be cleaned up. I am going to follow the same process as I used with...
  6. Big Nate

    FS: Household Items - Round 2

    Sorry I am out on the stereo.
  7. Big Nate

    FS: Household Items - Round 2

    Is that a head phone jack in the cd player? if so I will take the stereo.
  8. Big Nate

    so how about that blizzard yesterday?

    I hear you. saw a couple of big trucks is the ditch. But my AWD was very useful. The traction control with abs on all seasons never had an issue.
  9. Big Nate

    so how about that blizzard yesterday?

    or two words 4-Matic
  10. Big Nate

    Hesitation and code P0171

    Yes most places have it.
  11. Big Nate

    How cool is this??

    Love to see this kind of story. Keeps me believing that there are still great people out there. (car is fucking sweet too...love the silver)
  12. Big Nate

    My first published article!

    Sweet. Car looks great. Sounds great, and I bet feels great.
  13. Big Nate

    Where to look for jobs?

    Post some skills and we can help. Just saying give me job will yield nothing. Computer skills? Service industry skills? Mechanical skills? Schooling? Certs? That is just the beginning. I know lots of people looking for work and lots of people looking for employees. Making the...
  14. Big Nate

    Where to look for jobs?

    In general? or do you have a set of skills that you can offer?
  15. Big Nate

    New Guy from Columbia Heights

  16. Big Nate

    Non-US sites for car parts/accessories

    Great Euro car site ecstuning.com Audi VW site oemplus.com
  17. Big Nate

    Figure I should introduce myself 'round here.

    Moved And welcome to the forum......I love the red MS3
  18. Big Nate

    MN Mazda Spotted thread

    Spotted a white MS3 with lime green wheels and emblems going south on 94 last night around 5:15 by North MPLS
  19. Big Nate

    Back In MN

    Welcome to the site and welcome back to MN.