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    No rear camber adjustment?

    is there really no rear camber adjustments for 2008 3s?
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    ALS level on crack?

    My stock stereo in my 2008 3 is on crack and it has been for a while. It seems that the auto volume adjustment has decided to get a mind of its own and adjusts sound pretty drastically depending on the speed of the car. I turned it off or down to 0, and tried going up to 3 as well. It seems to...
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    eibachs installed

    I put my eibach sportlines in last night. It's nice! Rides great too. Now I want a strut tower brace, tires, tint and an alignment. https://fbcdn-sphotos-a-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xaf1/t1.0-9/10547428_10154538584950227_4687942688547025679_n.jpg
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    Its time for a brake job. What's everyone running for rotors and pads? My old neons I used to use hawk to rotors and gt pads. They did the job well but those pads were hella loud because they were so hard.
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    any great spin out stories from this am?

    Had a really nice black 350z pass me in the non-plowed slow lane in maple grove. not even a quarter mile up, I see headlights spinning around and stopping in the ditch. Poor car, not poor dude though. I mean seriously... Who drives a nice 350z in the winter in MN?? Duh....
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    Hi Im new

    So a coworker just walked in with an mnmazda tshirt on. He told me to join up so I did. I just got my mazda in June. It's been a fun little car. Its an 08 mazda3 2.0 5 spd. Nothing super exciting but I have other toys that are exciting instead.