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  1. dmention7

    Josh! You're so far away!

    I miss you :( @JP5 @mazdamn02
  2. dmention7

    Merry (late) Xmas Chatbox!

  3. dmention7

    FS: 4-level cage for small animals (36w x 24d x 60h)

    We're getting rid of a nice metal cage for small animals (good for ferrets, rats, chinchillas, etc). It's 4 levels (with ladders) and the top and bottom halves can be easily isolated from each other. Each half is roughly 36w x 24d x 24h, and there is a shelf on the very bottom. The whole...
  4. dmention7

    Free: 1G Mazda3 single-DIN dash kit

    Found it while cleaning out the garage. Replaces the OEM deck with a single-DIN opening and a little storage cubby. Anyone want it?
  5. dmention7

    Non-US sites for car parts/accessories

    If you know of any good european or asian sites for car parts, please post them up here. Now that Suzuki has pulled out of the US, it's getting a bit difficult to locate some things, but parts should be plentiful overseas. My google-fu seems to fail at locating such retailers, however. List...
  6. dmention7

    Asphalt contractors

    Anyone here ever used an asphalt contractor recently that you'd recommend? I'm looking to get a little patch poured in between my garage and the alleyway that is currently almost completely worn down. Maybe 15'x30'. Any ideas what kind of ballpark I'd be in for a cost on getting that done?
  7. dmention7

    Western US road trip destinations

    So Nanami and I have been talking about doing a ~10-15 day road trip out to the west coast and points in between for some time now. Turns out my cousin is getting married in Cheyenne, WY at the end of June, so I think we are going to go for it this summer. Aside from the obvious Grand Canyons...
  8. dmention7

    FS: Yamaha 76-key portable grand keyboard (DGX-200) - $60

    Basement cleaning continues! Here's the product page: http://usa.yamaha.com/products/musical-instruments/keyboards/digitalkeyboards/dgx_series/dgx-200/?mode=model It's a little dusty, but barely used and comes with a stand and accessory foot pedal. I think $60 is a fair price.
  9. dmention7

    Post your (DIY) work benches!

    I'm looking for good ideas on a DIY work bench to build in the basement this winter--and also planning to rebuild my garage workspace in the spring--so if you've built something you're proud of, post it up! Bonus points for creative ways to integrate useful things like drawers, lighting, small...
  10. dmention7

    12v Interior heater/defrosters... do any of them not suck?

    The blower strength in my winter beater is kind of weak, and the engine takes awhile to really get up to temp and start blowing hot air--doesn't bother me much from a comfort standpoint (except on very cold days), but it makes keeping the windshield defrosted kind of a pain sometimes. After...
  11. dmention7

    Furnace "Tune-ups"... are they worth it?

    I've always assumed they were just a way to get a tech/salesman into your house to try and tell you need a $2000 repair or else your furnace is going to die on the coldest day of the year. I change my filter religiously, have a CO detector near the furnace that I peek at regularly, and I'm...
  12. dmention7

    Now Boarding kennel... anyone used them?

    We are probably going to be dropping the dog off there this weekend while we head out of town, but just curious if anyone else has used them? Rates are on par with other kennels in the Mpls area, and 24/7 hours are definitely a plus.
  13. dmention7

    Enabling ad-hoc networking on Android?

    So, I have done a fair amount of reading on how to accomplish this, but a lot of the threads on android dev forums are pretty dense (to me anyhow). But I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience doing this, or is aware of a "best method"? Phone is a Galaxy S Blaze (TMo) rooted, running...
  14. dmention7

    Headphone recommendations?

    Looking for some input on a decent set of headphones that would be well-suited for use during moderate activities... running, walking, raking leaves, cleaning the toilet, etc. (I often find that I need to listen to music to keep myself motivated.) I have an inexpensive pair of JLab in-ear...
  15. dmention7

    For Sale / Trade: MSP front/rear AWR motor mounts (the extra manly ones)

    That's right, I'm apparently not manly enough for these mounts. I am pretty sure they are the 88 duro mounts, but the guy I bought them from last year was not sure if they were 88 or 95. Either way they should go to someone with a hairier chest than I. The mounts are both used but in nice...
  16. dmention7

    Aftermarket tow hitch / cargo baskets

    Anyone installed one? Looking to add a little hauling capacity to our Soul. Rockauto carries the hitches from Curt Mfg at a pretty good price, but any reviews or opinions on cargo baskets?
  17. dmention7

    2013 Camping feeler

    Just wanted to throw out a feeler to see if anyone else here would be interested in going on a slightly more "rustic" 2-4 night camping trip in a state park or other such destination? A bit less emphasis on just drinking in the woods, and maybe do some hiking and/or canoeing in addition to...
  18. dmention7

    15-Sep-2012 (Sat) - Fall Tint Day @ BAG

    What: Fall Tint Day, Hosted by Tint Pros When: Saturday September 15, 2012 (time TBA) Where: BAG (Send AJ a PM for address details) This will also be a chill & grill event, so feel free to come hang out and check out some of Tint Pros work! The grill will be provided, but please bring some...
  19. dmention7

    August 10-12, 2012 -- 6th Annual MNMazda Camping Trip

    What: MNMazda's 6th annual summer camping extravaganza! When: August 10-12, 2012 (Friday - Sunday) Where: Lost Falls Campground (http://www.lostfalls.com/ Near Black River Falls, WI) Why: To partake in tasty adult beverages, engage in fascinating intellectual conversations, drift lazily down...