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  1. killerspeed3

    Would this be Ricey

    So I'm sort of looking for a second set of rims either for winter or if I find a set I really like use them for summer and make my current wheels for winter. So I ended up finding a set I like (actually the exact set I want but in chrome) in 17's but they got 3/4 tread left (or so he claims) of...
  2. killerspeed3

    Tire Questions

    So I need to get a new set of summer tires soon and I have been scowering the internet to find a good deal and tires plus is running a deal with a $500 purchase you get $100 off and their cheapest tires are primewell PZ900s $122 ea. so for a set of 4 installed is about $550 and the $450 with the...
  3. killerspeed3

    Speed3 trim question

    Does anyone know how to tell if a 1st gen. speed3 is a sport or gt model? the reaon I'm asking is there is aout a thousand dollar difference and my title doesn't say and when I do a vin search it doesn't say.
  4. killerspeed3

    E85 conversion questions

    has anyone thought of doing (or done) a E85 setup in a MS3. What wound be the cost to have a shop to it? would the gas savings be worth it? would there be any real hp gains with basic bolt-on modifications already done to the car? any thought of who could do this ssort of conversion. any...
  5. killerspeed3

    New Speed3 in MN

    Hi y'all, I just bought my second car ever, A '07 Cosmic Blue Mazdaspeed3. My other and first car is a '93 Mitsubishi 3000gt. Any info about the Speed3 or any in general would be great. I think the first couple things I'm gunna do are FMIC, Downpipe, and Racepipe. Thx, Zach