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  1. dmention7

    Josh! You're so far away!

    I miss you :( @JP5 @mazdamn02
  2. dmention7


    MNMazda used to be a strange place.
  3. dmention7

    Speedline Grill for "s" sedan mazda 3

    9/10 She forgot to ask if it fits a MSP.
  4. dmention7

    Project Little Cousin - 91' NA White

    Make sure you get the sign as part of the package, cause you'd be needing it in another couple months :D
  5. dmention7

    Project Little Cousin - 91' NA White

    So, if I followed you there, the motor you currently have in the car is your cousin's turbo motor, just converted back to NA? If so, I congratulate you on your restraint!
  6. dmention7

    Project Little Cousin - 91' NA White

    Whoa, actual content on my mnmazda! Great thread and great work so far!
  7. dmention7

    Merry (late) Xmas Chatbox!

  8. dmention7

    Hayden's big ass project

    Hmm... Well there's yer problem right there. lol Any additional info on the misfire? Idle, WOT, cruising?
  9. dmention7

    Project » SkyActiv

  10. dmention7

    Hayden's big ass project

  11. dmention7

    MN Mazda Forums Dead?

    Yeah, porkys shutting down was kind of the beginning of the end around here. Pretty much as central as you can get, and even if only a few mnmazda folks showed up, there was still usually some solid people/car watching to be had! That's the part we'd really have to replicate to get things...
  12. dmention7

    MN Mazda Forums Dead?

    1/10 would mass-delete account again.
  13. dmention7


    Welcome, and seconding what Nate said. The forum doesn't get a ton of activity these days, but there are several of us who still check in on a regular basis.
  14. dmention7

    The Angry Pickle Workshop

    Looks nice, enjoy the newfound space!
  15. dmention7

    MN Mazda Forums Dead?

    Yeah, I think would take a pretty solid infusion of new blood all at once to get this place going again. I agree it'd be great to see the site pick back up and start holding events and meets, but unfortunately we've dropped below the critical mass/enthusiasm factor to organize those things--and...
  16. dmention7

    $OLD: 1990 Mazda Miata (tastefully modified)

    Just curious if you decided to go with the WRX or the Focus?
  17. dmention7

    Might have a bad motor mount...

    CPE is a pretty reputable company as far as I know, and that mount looks like a decent part. I would honestly recommend going with the softest bushing available for a daily driver.
  18. dmention7

    Slow and Low Mazda 3 build (Beware dialup users.....do people still use dialup???)

    Hey, I have a contender for "Longest Intervals Between Meaningful Progress"!
  19. dmention7

    Free: 1G Mazda3 single-DIN dash kit

    I think I tossed it while cleaning the garage this spring, but I'll take a peek and let you know if I still have it.