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  1. Schmitty

    Unsanctioned Impromptu Meet

    Every Sunday morn the church going folk end up parking on my street. And the past two weeks the Mazda owners have clustered in front of my house. The new roomy's MS6 just left before I could get the shot. Oh yeah so I got a new roommate and he will be moving in later next week. Just like...
  2. Schmitty

    From out of no where SURGE!

    Last week I upgraded my inlet and added a boost gauge (thanks to Tom and Jay's help). Everything ran well on Saturday and Sunday. Yesterday I take the car out in the morning and it runs fine. I go out in the afternoon and head to EP, everything is fine on the way there. On the way home while...
  3. Schmitty

    Friend with a 2005 3 S looking for mod guidance

    So a friend/co-worker of mine is looking to get a little more out of his 3S. I want to make sure to give him some sound advice but I haven't dealt with the NA ones too much. He is looking to replace his stock parts as they need replacing and when he does gain a little performance if possible...
  4. Schmitty

    Gas stations that sell 93 Octane

    Feel free to add the ones you know carry it. Off Snelling in Saint Paul. MAP
  5. Schmitty

    We just happened to see this sign.....

    And had to get a pick of my Sis's WRX (RFL, Piggys, Purple interior lights). My other roomie then shopped it and edited the population. She has decided to name her car "Wild Rice"
  6. Schmitty

    Anyone want to lend a garage for a mount install this weekend

    I got my mounts last week and am dying to get them in. The problem is my garage is stuffed and not attached to the house or heated. Time - any time today after 2pm or any time Sunday. What you need - A garage with room to work. A jack. 2 hours of spare time. (Sockets and ratchets would be...
  7. Schmitty


    I went to MAP and picked up a Cobb AP today. It fraking rules!! I was able to change the map in a few mins and wow! It actually has power in 1st and 2nd now. It was kinda cool to watch the real time data. I found out that my MS3 can hit a peak boost of 20PSI (although most of the time it...
  8. Schmitty

    Motor Mount and BOV recommendations

    Ok, I am having a meeting with the CEO (wife) to request clearance to purchase the next 2 mods on my list. Any input on the following 2 items is appreciated. Motor Mount - I am committed to getting one, but as to which one to get I am not. I want to limit the amount of slack, but not have the...
  9. Schmitty

    Cool places to cruise

    So, the girls are gone and I'm bored. Typically I go driving, but I havent found too many cool places to drive. I have been cruising HERE for the past week, but I would love a new place. Any suggestions
  10. Schmitty

    Hi my name is Schmitty....

    Hey yall. I got my MS3 back in November and have been lurking this site for a few months. It looks like this is a good community and I look forward to milking you all for knowledge as I am a car n00b.