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    Need help with a squeaky pulley....

    Need help with a squeaky belt.... I have a squeaky belt... When I put it in drive or reverse screeches sometimes it sometimes turns off when I turn my air off. It started when I fixed my AC because I took of my belt. I thought it may have been because it was to tight or not tight enough. It is...
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    Crappy Parking job call out and picture thread

    saw this horrible park job by an older gentlemen looked like he was in a hurry to the bathroom:score002:
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    WTB: Tires

    I need a new set of tires and I will possibly do a rim and tire deal because im sick of my sock set. Must have fairly good tread considering they have tpo make it through winter. I have already looked for them on the tires web sites just searching through my options before I pay big bucks for...
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    Mazda Protege5 Turbo

    Looking to get and estimated price on a Protege5 turbo. Please let me know thanks -Dan
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    Official Craigslist Thread

    For those of you who don't browse CL all day, and for those that do, post your cool finds in this thread. This thread is for posting links to CL ads of good deals, etc. Funny CL ads should go in Off-Topic.
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    What Did You Do To Your Mazda Today?

    Post what you did you to your Mazda today! Use lots of detail also post pictures to show off your hard work. Ex. I washed my car or I plasti-dipped my rims.
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    I need to know whats next? Please help!

    So I bought my 2003 Protege5 like three or four weeks ago now and I think to myself what performance parts can I put into my car that will give it that extra go. I don't really know Mazdas that well, so I need a little push on whats next to do and what better to do and ask the Mazda enthusiasts...
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    New guy from Winona!

    Hello I am from Winona MN and my Name is Dan if you would really like to know. I actually just bought a silver 2003 Mazda Protege5 auto :( (soon to have blaze purple rims though!) a couple weeks ago in the cities. I will be moving up to Forest Lake this coming August because I will be attending...