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  1. Jana

    Misc Office Furniture/Computers/etc for sale

    We are shutting down a company & have the following assets we are trying to sell: Computers ASUS Motherboard with Sound Qty: 3 Cost: $750 each (Microsoft office 2010 included) HP Probook 6550B...
  2. Jana

    $OLD: Antique Dresser

    I'm helping my sister sell this antique dresser. It's been beautifully refinished and gently used for a baby dresser through toddler years. She is looking to get $100. The pictures were taken with my iPhone, so not best quality. The dresser is located in South Minneapolis (Lake Nokomis area).
  3. Jana

    Free: Cats need a good home!

    I'm posting this for a friend. I have not seen the cats in person, just heard the stories. The cats are waking up her son, and they have a small townhome. She really just wants them to have a good home where they can have their own space & not be limited. If you, or anyone you know, is...
  4. Jana

    Sushi / Dinner at 7

    *CANCELLED* Please vote for which Sunday night works best. We'll go at 6 p.m. and those who wish can do the all you can eat for $30, or you can order off either the sushi or steakhouse menu. http://www.7mpls.com/ or http://www.7mpls.com/menus
  5. Jana

    Sushi @ 7 .... anyone?

    Wanted to see if there is enough interest for a few of us to head down to Seven some night for Sushi (or you can order off the Steakhouse menu as well, AJ does...). I love the sushi there - my favorite from all that I've had.
  6. Jana

    Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives

    http://www.flavortownusa.com/ Anyone been to any of the places in the Mpls/St Paul area (aside from The Nook & Psycho Suzies)?
  7. Jana

    Twins Tickets Available

    I'm helping my boss to sell the season tickets to games he is unable to attend. They are $50/ticket, with 4 seats available (preferably sold in sets of either two or four, no individual seats being sold). Here are the games available: Section 120, Row 9, Seats 17-20 (see pictures on my...
  8. Jana

    Round 2 - Thanks Jesse...!

    Thanks for helping us spend more money. :D As always, the service with Morrie's, and Jesse, has been outstanding! Our 2002 Miata is exactly what we were looking for in a weekend car!
  9. Jana

    Thanks Jesse!

    I just want to say thanks again (here, on MNMazda) for helping me pick out my new 2010 Mazda6. He was extremely helpful and great to work with - no pressure, no hassle! He was also gracious enough to have someone move cars around on the showroom floor so that we could take out the '06 Miata...
  10. Jana

    Make your own soda at home

    I was doing some research for alternative drinks, since I'm so limited with being pregnant and having to watch my sugar/carb intake. I was trying to find soda's that do not contain aspertaine (however you spell it). I ran across this site: http://www.sodaclubusa.com/ What do you think of...
  11. Jana

    Happy Birthday AJ!

    Love you! :D
  12. Jana

    Ghost Stories?

    I saw this thread on MNSportcompacts and it made me wonder if anyone here has any real life encounters? Do you believe it's possible? When I was younger (maybe around 8 or so), I woke up in the middle of the night and saw this white figure of an old lady standing in my doorway. I closed...
  13. Jana

    Global Warming - "We're Toast"

    http://www.cnn.com/2008/TECH/science/06/24/globalwarming.ap/index.html Discuss. :(
  14. Jana

    Boyd Coddington - passed away yesterday

    Very sad news: http://www.cnn.com/2008/SHOWBIZ/TV/02/28/obit.coddington.ap/index.html
  15. Jana

    Finally part of the family!

    I just picked up an 08 Mazda3 (5 door s grand touring) and it's black on black. I'll post up pictures tomorrow! Oh, and for those who don't know me...I'm TCSpeed6's wife. :D Pictures uploaded: http://thedahlens.com/gallery/2008-Mazda3
  16. Jana


    Figured it was about time I join. I don't have a Mazda (yet), but looking at eventually get a Mazda3 I think. I'm Allan's better half (TCSpeed6), and that's really all you need to know at this point. :smiley_wedding: