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  1. derrian

    FS: 07-09 Mazdaspeed 3 HKS Racing Suction Air Intake SRI - Mazda Speed 3 MS3

    $245 Shipped to the Continental US (AK, HI, PR extra) 2007-2009 Mazdaspeed 3 MS3 Short Ram - SRI - Racing Suction Air Intake by HKS Used, Good condition. It was painted black at one time, which is the black you see, it flaked off over the years. What you see in the pictures is exactly what you...
  2. derrian

    1991 Mazda RX7 For Sale

    Beautiful car. Hoping you got it to someone good!
  3. derrian

    I'M BACK!!!

    I had one, but it was totaled a year and a half ago. I still have it ;) Just not driveable anymore :(
  4. derrian


  5. derrian

    FS - MSD Dashhawk 13100 - $225

    Price: $225 Willing to ship for an extra $5 (continental US only please) Used but works great. Replaced when my standback system needed a upgrade. Please double check that it will work in you car. OBDII cord included
  6. derrian

    Profile Page Issues

    I'll take a look, thanks!
  7. derrian

    Shirts and Stickers?

    We have both! I'll look at doing an inventory, I only have so many shirts left unless we reprint some. Stickers are easily made again. Give me a bit, I'll have to look once back home.
  8. derrian

    Discount Tire eBay Deals

    Well, what the crap. I needed tires too :(
  9. derrian

    Discount Tire eBay Deals

    On eBay $100 a purchase of $400 or more. Pretty good considering you don't pay tax and free shipping as well.
  10. derrian


    Nice little link in the upper left is the chatbox = shoutbox. http://www.mnmazda.com/chat/ It is open to all, you do not need a subscription to access it.
  11. derrian

    Good Eats Recipes Please Keep it on Topic.

    AWARD WINNING WHITE CHICKEN CHILI Made this for a chili contest. It was amaze-balls! Serves: 6-8 INGREDIENTS 3 pounds boneless skinless chicken breast halves 3 tablespoon olive oil, divided 2 tablespoons plus 2 teaspoons chile powder,*divided 3 tablespoons cumin, divided 1 teaspoon salt...
  12. derrian

    Planning Meets

    All events are welcome to be created, managed, and post on the forums. They take a bit of time out of your daily life. But you get some great events even out of something simple ;) So get to posting your ideas!
  13. derrian

    mazdaspeed6 stuff for sale

    I need a hood! lol. Good luck with the sale
  14. derrian

    2003 Mazda Speed for sale

    'Which' Mazdaspeed is this ;) Also pics would be great.
  15. derrian


    Welcome! Love the Mazda 3 for sure. Hope you are enjoying it!
  16. derrian

    Tuning help

    I have not heard of Opensource so much for these cars. But the Accessport is very heavily talked about, used, and tuned by the local shops.
  17. derrian

    Monitor for gaming

    Both the Acer and BenQ have been on several nice lists for gaming monitors. Something with 144hz range would be nice. But of course some of what you get, depends on your video card. My husband has been looking at this pretty hard at this one. Asus ROG PG348Q. He runs 3 montiors now, but is...
  18. derrian

    What should I tune first on 04 Mazda 3 2.0L

    You could look at doing a Standback for the MZ3. Tuning might get you some HP, but you need to know what you are doing :) I personally have a CPE Standback that I love for my MS3, but that is no longer made.
  19. derrian

    MNMazda Weekly Wednesday Night Meets

    We have been meeting here for years now! But the last couple weeks have been a pain with our server being out. So we are currently debating if we want to try and move the location. If we decide something for sure I'll post it up here. We still like to meet on Wed, even if it is just a few of us...
  20. derrian

    Hi Fellow Mazda Owners

    Welcome! There are tons of car meets in the area of course. But with winter they tend to slow down a bit. We went to a Miata one just the other weekend, a bit chilly but fun to see so many miatas in one place. :) Where are you moving here from?