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    MN Mazda Spotted thread

    This belongs to the wife of a co-worker of mine.
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    MNmazda Weekly Wednesday Night Meet(Archived)

    Nook is awesome.... but it is tiny. It only seats 57 and they do not take reservations. Odds are we would have to sit separately (which is no biggie for me). Side note - The Shamrock, is a mile away for The Nook, has the same menu, a grip of seating and can accommodate reservations and large...
  3. Schmitty

    FS: Flat black Rota Torque's w/Invo's - 5x114.3/18x8/+48

    I am VERY interested in taking these off your hands. Let me research the rubber and see if these are what I am looking for. I had planned on getting some more expensive rubber and I want to be sure these will perform how I want them too. I'll PM you if these will fit the bill.
  4. Schmitty

    Anyone? Midnight road trip tonight?! $$$

    A few things... Head over to MNSubaru and see what those guys suggest for tuning (both software and tuner). As for MAP... having spoke to there tuner before, I don't think I'd want him tuning my WRX. He seems to straight up hate Subarus and last I checked they hadn't done much if any tuning...
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    Sold the car today. MSP IS GONE.

    I drove that one as well. It's in good shape (save for the nasty scratches). But stock RSs are slow.
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    *completed* State Fair Outing - Thursday, September 3

    Me and 3/4 of my house will be there, bot sure if the "kids" will be and there by 11. We will look for ya if we are late.
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    Mazda mechanic?

    I live in Richfield and I find the trip to Morrie's worth it. /my.02$
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    Thinking about a 2010 MS3

    That's how I learned.
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    *Completed* Detail/Install/Grill-n-Drink Day on Sunday July 12th

    Yeah aint gunna thread jack, but somehow all of Tom's bad luck got transfered to my life.
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    *Completed* Detail/Install/Grill-n-Drink Day on Sunday July 12th

    I'd love to come, but I just had another house emergency..... washer caught on fire.
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    *Completed* Detail/Install/Grill-n-Drink Day on Sunday July 12th

    I should be able to make it. exterior of my car needs some loving.
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    Google takes on Windows with Chrome OS

    Oh I dont think it will hurt MS, at least not until those biz become massive enterprises.
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    Google takes on Windows with Chrome OS

    I think Chrome OS can become dominant in the home user arena. Of course ppl will need a local OS to handle CPU heavy tasks, at least until we have Gigabit lines running to our homes. As for business, if Google does Wave right, look out MS. they could snap up a ton of SOHO based start ups.