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    Western US road trip destinations

    I visited Glacier two summers ago, and went through the whole park. It's amazing, and the Going to the Sun road (I think that's what you meant) is very beautiful. Tons of camping options & hiking. My sister went last year again, and this year they are doing nothing but camping out there...
  2. Jana

    2013 Spring Tint Day @ BAG (5/11/13)

    You could still come and bring the baby. :)
  3. Jana

    Coffee Thread

    I just realized after you guys pointed me back to those posts, that I asked the same fricken question... I think I just need to order it up & try it out. It's pretty cheap, and I think I have a decent coffee grinder yet sitting around.
  4. Jana

    Coffee Thread

    Thanks! I'll dig back through those posts as well. I flavor my coffee with so much creamer, that to me...it doesn't really matter. AJ wants to try finding a better cofffee where you could enjoy it black.
  5. Jana

    Coffee Thread

    Just curious how the Aeropress thing is different from a French press?
  6. Jana

    Holiday/Sunday Football Chili Cookoff?

    That would be fun to add in to the day!
  7. Jana

    Holiday/Sunday Football Chili Cookoff?

    You and Sam are always welcome to come over - just hit us up with a little notice. We'd love to see you guys too!
  8. Jana

    Help me win $500!

    I did this today...not sure when the contest is over though. Good luck!
  9. Jana

    Coffee Thread

    ok, watched the video...how is this different than a french press???
  10. Jana

    Coffee Thread

    I'm so going to order this up...finally. I'll take a look at the links you posted. I've wanted something different for a while, so can't wait to try it. I'll probably want one for the office, or a really good travel mug. :D
  11. Jana

    Winter is coming!!

    You'd be whining that it's cold after 30 minutes, and you'd be drunk after one beer. /fail. :P
  12. Jana

    Things I do to save money around the house.

    I'll grab them tonight. I also have the recipe for homemade softner, so there's another huge savings (again, I need to make it yet). One big difference I've found for us, and very simple, is meal planning (and sticking with it). AJ and I are HORRIBLE on eating out. We eat out WAY too much...
  13. Jana

    Things I do to save money around the house.

    I have recipes for the first two, in case you don't have them. I just haven't gotten around to making my own yet.
  14. Jana

    15-Sep-2012 (Sat) - Fall Tint Day @ BAG

    Yeah, pretty much no brainer I'll have enough people to poker. So figure anyone is welcome to show up. Bring some grub to grill if you want. Fridges and coolers will be available for fudz and beers. edit - this is AJ.
  15. Jana

    $OLD: 2002 Mazda Miata

    This is AJ.... too lazy to log out. Not even getting into that as it doesn't matter if this doesn't sell. If i have this come spring I'm going to rock it another season. And looks like I have a co-driver for the full season next year as well if I keep it.