Zero's It's gotta go sale, Stereos, dash parts n more!

Discussion in 'Mazda Parts for sale' started by zero cool, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. zero cool

    zero cool New Member

    I have been digging out box after box of Mazda stuff i forgot i even had! I have at least a dozen car stereos.
    I have face plates, stereo chassis, boards,
    two 6 disc cd changers,
    several single disc cd mechs.
    a half built phatbox IN a M3 stereo!
    a kenwood Music keg system
    a factory AUX switchbox
    Center dash vent panel, make your own pop up screen or gauge pod
    standard din stereo conversion panel. put a regular stereo in place of the factory unit
    Several MID panels
    Temp control panel
    2x factory speakers, the better grade Ndym ones
    factory muffler
    set of factory floor mats drivers mat has a hole in it, others in great shape
    I got more crap, crap everywhere!

    IT ALL HAS TO GO ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!!! the trash can is empty at the moment but it could be ull and gone anyday now...

    Cash is good, cash is great, but for most of this stuff i just want it gone. willing to listen to offers, willing to give some of it away.

    it WILL be in the trash friday. email me at and lets make it happen!
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  2. zero cool

    zero cool New Member

    almost everything in this list is now FREE
  3. Picklz

    Picklz SUDO Make me a SAMCH

    I'll take the music keg system if you still have it. Let me know when/how is best for meeting!
  4. SLyness18

    SLyness18 New Member

    ill take the conversion panel for the single din stereo- if it will fit a 2006 6?
  5. zero cool

    zero cool New Member

    Sly the panel will only fit a Mazda3

    Pickles PM me and lets talk about it. that's one item i was hoping to get at least a couple bucks for. not much but lets talk about it.

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