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    YSOSLO is the word, beotch

    Hi all. I'm Pete and I picked up an '08 GT 5dr, 5sp in GGM back in October. I've been doing a few little things here and there to personalize my ride, but I'm not ready to tackle the more involved mods like springs or angel eyes etc until the weather warms up a bit. Some of you are probably laughing at me calling springs an "involved mod" but I'm not much of a wrench, so tackling something like that is totally new to me. I'm looking forward to meeting some other 3 owners to see what they've done to set themselves apart as well. Any word on a meet of some sort, or do they typically happen after the thaw?...lol Are there any threads with pics of member's rides? I've been looking through a ton of pics on mazda3forums and it's shown me a lot of things I like and don't like. I'm anxious to see what people are doing for mods here in the midwest.
  2. TsunamiTam

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    Wednesdays are the meeting days
    summer is porky's off university

    winter is buffalo wild wings off snelling in roseville
  3. TsunamiTam

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    p.s. i just noticed where u are located

    not to sound creepy

    but i live RIGHT next to you if u live in fridley by friendly

    i live right behind chev and i can see it from my driveway!

  4. Picklz

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  5. dmention7

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  6. Big Nate

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    Welcome I work in Fridley
  7. mazdamn02

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    Welcome, but I'm never in Fridley, lol!
  8. mndsm

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    I think I saw your car the other day sitting in my work parking lot. You work for ATT or Optum? I'm in the building @ 4300 market pointe right now. Probably haven't seen my car as of yet, since it hasn't been here since November.

    YSOSLO is the word, beotch

    Tsunami you and I live about 2 blocks apart! I'm on 76th about a block east of old Central and you must be right on old Central itself. mndsm you probably DID see my car, but my wife would have been driving it that day. She works at Market Pointe. I work for Qwest in downtown St. Paul. Our other vehicle is a Honda Pilot, so from time to time if I need the extra room we'll trade off, but it doesn't happen very often...

    Nice collection of Smilies btw guys! Almost as many as m3f.
  10. mndsm

    mndsm I'M OFFENDED!

    Weird how that works out. What division does your wife work for out here? Curious as if to I have met her.
  11. Slim

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    Welcome to the site!

    Speaking of pics post some up.
  12. YSOSLO

    YSOSLO is the word, beotch

    My wife works for Wells Fargo Insurance Svcs handling proposals and renewals of group health insurance policies. mndsm

    Here's a couple of pics linked from cardomain:

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    howdy, yeah if you wanted a mazda 3 website you came to the right own, i believe 90% of people drive 3s which are nice, but me i prefer rotary, good to meet ya
  14. WhiteSpy9

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    so fresh and so clean...
  15. mazdamn02

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    Props on removing the door molding, best free visual mod evar.
  16. TsunamiTam

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    yes i do live right on central !
    when the thaw is in process you'll spot my RX-7 easily

    hope to see ya soon!

  17. mndsm

    mndsm I'M OFFENDED!

    Yeah, I didn't even notice that on the car. I knew there was a reason I did that with mine.
  18. YSOSLO

    YSOSLO is the word, beotch

    Thanks for the welcome guys. I've been reading through the forums looking at all sorts of mods for the interior and exterior. It's tough, because you have to be careful about crossing that fine line between "unique" and "OMG did you see that?!"...lol If anyone on here has install the Progressive Rear Sway I'd be interested in hearing how it went. It sounds like a stiffer sway makes a HUGE difference in the handling, however I've also read a lot about how much of a difference lowering the car makes with respect to handling as well. I don't know if I should do one or the other, or both. I just got done checking out the other pics in the forum here and there's quite a variety! Some sweet looking cars and nothing too over-the-top.
  19. mndsm

    mndsm I'M OFFENDED!

    Jeff (aviateur) has done sways before, and IIRC the rear was cake, and the front sucked. I don't know if anyone else has.
  20. dmention7

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    One brand I would check out is Racing Beat. Their parts don't provide as serious of a drop as some of the other brands, but they have a history with mazdas, so that gives them a bit of a leg up in my book.

    That said, I have heard lots of good things about the Progress rear sway. For cost and ease of install, the rear sway bar is definitely a worthwhile mod.

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