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www.MNMazda.com | New Design


110 HP of FURY!

The new look is online. It's nice and simple for now but there will be lots of added features to come this year with this new design. Everything from our own video pages to real time updates by sponsors for their own specials!

Feedback welcome.


is the word, beotch
I like the new look a lot AJ. I also think it was a great idea to put the quantities available for the t-shirts in the "Gear" section. I'm wondering why the decals aren't in there too though. Seems to me that the decals might sell a lot better than the shirts, since they're less expensive, yet they get the site name out there as much or more than the shirts.

I also like the way the sponsors page looks, but I was wondering why there are 2 different listings for SST. Are they under separate ownership now or something?

And on a lighter note, I'm looking forward to the non-public sections you're working on as well...lol


110 HP of FURY!
I will be adding the decals after I get some photos put together. I'd like to take some here upon the first couple Porkys meets.

SST has two different locations to pick from so I listed them both.


I like it a lot.A few comments though.

The "Portal Forum Sponsors Gear" links look different on the bottom than they do on the top. I like the simple look on the top over the buttons on the bottom, and IMO, it'd look better if they were the same.

Also, it doesn't look like they are evenly spaced on the top. There's also a weird line vertically through MNMazda gear at the top. Looks like it's part of the background image, but it's the only place where such a line exists.


110 HP of FURY!
Thanks for the feedback and suggestions peeps! I'll continue to keep suggestions in mind as we add to the site.


Looks great!

Just wanted to help a little on some grammar/typos:

Welcome to MNMazda.com! [omit] We hope you will find [omit] this site to be a great resource for all your Mazda enthusiast needs.

And then the date for the dyno day has a 1 in front of it.



"This site to be a great resource for all your Mazda enthusiast needs."???

This is mnmazda.com, not engrish.com! lol