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WTB: ALL the furniture


110 HP of FURY!
Anyone who wants it and shows up with cash can take it. It is actually fairly easy to move with 2 dude as it's not the heaviest item. We also have 2 white lawn chairs we would give away if anyone needs something for outside. They were given to us back when we owned the townhome and while they are a bit dirty and tuff to clean up (to get them sparkly white again) they work just fine, not broken in any spots, and are good all weather chairs. We have a new outdoor set so no longer need these. Someone is welcome to show up Sat and take these away. Also have a standard Webar grill (coals) for a $20 spot if someone wants it. Wouldn't suggest this travel in a car due to the dust n shit, but a truck would work and this is an one for a townhome or something.